Happy Mothers Day

What did mom teach you about being an entrepreneur?

What Did Mom Teach You about Being an Entrepreneur?

When you think about why you became an entrepreneur, who inspired you most? What did they say or do that keeps you moving forward, even when the odds are against you? What did your mom teach you about being an entrepreneur? For many of the best leaders I’ve met, they…

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What My Mother Can Teach Us About Selling Today

Why did you become an entrepreneur?  Who inspired you to take the biggest risk of your life? How did they convince you that you had something the world wanted? In my case, it was my mother.

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What Did Mom Teach You about Success in Life and Selling?

Why do we fail to sell potential clients? Why do so many great deals fall apart before the end?  What’s the elephant in the room that’s keeping your life from taking off? In a word, it’s trust.  I think it’s easy to say, but not so easy to understand.  Since…

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What Do Women Want?

I just spent the past several weeks on the road meeting with many great clients and partners across the world. It’s always exciting to hear about all the successes they are having and how they are growing. I can’t remember a time when all my clients are doing such similar…