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What Big Trends Will Impact Your Business in 2015?

What Big Trends Will Impact Your Business in 2015?

At this time of year, I’m often asked how I help my clients prepare for the coming year. For many of my clients, we spend time every quarter looking at a number of resources that help them focus on the bigger trends impacting their businesses. By doing this several times…

Can your value proposition target your client’s future opportunities?

How Do You Create a Breakthrough Value Proposition?

How do you create extraordinary value for your clients? How much do you know about what your clients and partners value from your work with them? What is your value proposition? Does this value proposition align with their future goals and direction? I believe that the future belongs to organizations…

Can agile help you hit your growth targets?

Can Entrepreneurs Thrive in an Agile Age?

How can entrepreneurs take advantage of constant change? What do you need to do to create breakthrough products and services today? How can smaller organizations outmaneuver their larger competitors? These are three of the questions entrepreneurs want to know when building their successful business. I have good news for you. …

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Why Are Businesses Delusional & Blind to Customers Needs?

Business owners are delusional about how well they are doing in delivering exceptional experiences to their customers. They create systems and processes from their experience of what makes sense to them and not from the perspective of their customers. Entrepreneurs know what products or services they are offering but are…

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Introducing Janice B. Gordon

If you’re an entrepreneur and have a successfully growing business, where do you turn for advice? If you’ve built a successful business, but want to take it to the next level, how do you find a partner who has been successful helping mid-market organizations thrive and grow in our changing…

Can a single book become a game-changer to expand your possibilities?

What’s the Next Game-Changer for Your Business?

I’m reading an interesting book called The E Leader, Reinventing Leadership in a Connected Economy by Robert Hargrove. The book is almost 12 years old, but many of the ideas Robert shared in the book are still important today.  If we are going through such rapid change, why is this…

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How to Increase the Value of Your Business

In my last post, I discussed the upcoming oversupply of companies for sale in the next 15 years, and why many of those company owners will be forced to resort to liquidation to recoup a fraction of their investment. I also suggested that if you don’t want to be one…

Where do you find your best opportunities?

Entrepreneurs – How Do You Spot Your Best Opportunities?

There are two things that set breakthrough entrepreneurs apart from the crowd. First, they are great at spotting new opportunities to grow their business. Second, they are great at taking advantage of these new opportunities faster than others. Today, I’m talking about how to spot great opportunities. 

Can Entrepreneurs Develop and Leverage Their Multi-Generational Teams?

How Entrepreneurs Can Leverage Multi-Generational Teams!

Yesterday, we shared How Can Serving Leaders Help Overcome Challenges? on our Developing Serving Leaders blog, talking about how the world’s changing. Today, we begin providing you and your teams with the tools you need to succeed in changing world. I believe we are living in age of incredible opportunity. To succeed…

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How Can You Reconnect and Engage with Your Best Clients?

In the last several blogs, I’ve written about how so many people in organizations feel disengaged. We talked about how this is impacting our current client relationships and also how it could be hurting your organization’s and team’s growth. I thought I’d share a framework that I use to help…