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How can social selling improve your sales results?

Do Your Sales Results Need a Social Selling Makeover?

Do your sales efforts need a social selling makeover? Many of my newer clients swear by their social selling results. Many of my old line manufacturing organizations are still struggling to get their sales teams to begin using a social selling process. I think the problem is more terminology based…

What major sales trend should you leverage?

What Major Sales Trend Should You Leverage To Grow?

What major sales trend will entrepreneurs need to grow their business faster over the next six months? We are seeing several key trends emerging that can help you increase your sales and profits more quickly. There are many opportunities for new profitable growth if leaders choose to take advantage of these…

Segmenting can help you attract your best customers

How Segmenting Your Markets Can Help You Grow Faster

Today entrepreneurs have an incredible opportunity to create marketing that targets their best clients and customers. Because there is so much information available for today’s entrepreneur, it is critical that you decide who your message is for and how to reach them. Segmenting your markets can help you build a…

Buying Signals: The Crossover Between Sales and Dating

As I was giving one of my friends (call her Brenda) a lift to pick up her car from the garage, her ex messaged her on her phone and proceeded to respond. Just then it dawned on me what was happening here: she was sending him buying signals.

How to keep growing in 2016!

What Strengths Do Entrepreneurs Need to Keep Growing?

How can you keep your business growing? How do successful entrepreneurs continue growing their businesses year after year? These executives have discovered that if they hope to grow their business significantly, they need to grow as well. Many successful clients have gone from stage two businesses with revenue of $10…

Can advisory boards help entrepreneurs succeed faster?

How Advisory Boards Can Help Entrepreneurs Get Results!

What are the key elements to build a successful advisory board? How do you find the right individuals who can help you increase your business’s success?  I have been on advisory boards for over twenty years. I’ve helped many of my clients find the right people that can help them…