Merry Christmas! How Do You Create Your Leadership Vision in 2020?

Merry ChristmasMerry Christmas. Will your vision inspire others this Christmas?

How do you create a vision for the next stage of your life? Can you combine your unique strengths, gifts, and life experiences to have impact for the rest of your life? Will your vision allow you to accomplish things that you have only dreamed of?

Your vision is highly personal. I struggle to provide you with a simple tool or process to help your create the future of your dreams. Much of my work with clients focuses on helping them create a clear road map for the next stage of their lives. I’m not certain of the best way to do this here but will be putting together several training courses online to help you achieve your goals.  

As we celebrate Christmas this week, I thought I would share several key elements of Jesus Christ’s vision. His ability to share his mission with others made him a transformational leader. He understood the importance of sharing for future generations of leaders.

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The more clarity you have of your long-term vision, the more joy you will find in the next stage of your life. To be successful, you should invest time in creating a clearer view of the future. I do significant coaching with leaders on this topic.  It’s harder to write about than do.

What are the compelling elements in Jesus’s vision?  As importantly, can they help you create a lasting legacy for the rest of your life?   

Jesus’s vision of the world was unique. If one wants to understand how unique his vision was, over 2000 years later, we are still striving to meet his ideal of loving everyone as ourselves. Creating your own unique perspective means that the first person you must resonate with is yourself.

Jesus understood the power of simplicity. He shared his ideas in a way that everyone could understand his message. No matter who you were and where you fell in society Jesus spoke so everyone could understand.

Jesus knew that you must focus on sharing your mission in many different ways. He was a master teacher who understood the power of simple, emotional language to move men and women to act. Jesus understood the power of simple stories, parables, and metaphors to touch everyone and to pass it on.

Jesus recognized the power of a bold vision to help others realize their dreams.  He was very capable of upending many traditional ways of getting things done. If you want to impact others you must be willing to stretch their dreams.

Jesus talked in terms of benefits and outcomes when sharing how his vision would transform the world. Jesus provided people an understanding of what to expect when his work was done. He was willing to help connect the dots to show the impact his vision would have on others.

Jesus’s vision aligned with his personal values. Jesus understood that everything he did would be criticized and condemned. Jesus chose to share his ideas in ways that could not be confused. His clarity made it very easy for his followers to follow his path.

Jesus inspired others to greatness. Jesus had high standards for those who followed his path. He understood that people need inspiration to achieve longer term goals. Jesus believed inspiration was as important as perspiration when helping people share his vision.

Jesus understood the power of vision to engage others in his cause. How do you engage others in your purpose? Jesus understood that it was not enough to engage people with his ideas, they must act on it to create a brighter future with it.

So how many of these qualities does your personal vision possess? Don’t worry, we’ll explore this further in the coming year. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

See you next week.

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