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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! How Do You Create Your Leadership Vision in 2020?

How do you create a vision for the next stage of your life? Can you combine your unique strengths, gifts, and life experiences to have impact for the rest of your life? Will your vision allow you to accomplish things that you have only dreamed of? Your vision is highly…

Does your vision prepare others for succession?

How Do You Make Your Succession Vision 2020?

Will 2020 be the year that you create your succession vision? How can you make your vision of the future happen starting in 2020? When I was a younger consultant, my favorite question for my entrepreneurial clients was, “How would you turn your business into a great business? “ I…

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How to Make a Roadmap for Increasing Your Business’ Value

In my last few posts, I explained why it’s likely you’ll have a difficult time selling your business if you intend to exit over the next 15 years, and what you need to do to increase its value so your business is one of the few that proves profitable in…

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Introducing Mindy Jones CPA, CVA

How do you decide what’s next for your life and business? For many entrepreneurs, we are entering the next stage in our careers and lives. We’ve successfully build our businesses and we are starting to make decisions that not only impact us and our families, but also the people we…

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How Do You Raise the Value of Your Business?

How do you raise the value of your business? How do you create more value when you plan to sell your business?  Whenever I meet with business owners, I’m always asked two questions; How much is my business worth and how do I raise the value of my business?