Conclusion of The Power of the Mastermind

The first part of this blog explained what a Mastermind group is. This second half explains how to use a Mastermind group to achieve its full advantage.

Having supportive accountability partners is a must if you want to keep your goal in mind and achieve that goal. It is imperative that you don’t give up at the first hurdle or the fact that realising your goal is taking longer than you expected. Most people do and all they are doing is making a decision to quit! This is important because most people blame outside circumstance for quitting but really they have ultimately made the decision to quit.

Being a member of a mastermind group offers you support at times like this and by staying the course you will start to see results. This helps you to concentrate your focus on your goal which in turn develops more action and more results! It also allows you to be of service to others by giving your time and expertise in helping them to achieve their own goals.

Procrastination is a great enemy of goal achieving and when you are on your own it can be very hard to keep motivated. By being a member of a mastermind group you can rely on the other members to keep you motivated with ideas of solving the problems behind your procrastination. Once you start to feel this motivation take effect there really is no stopping you from taking action.

I have the privilege of facilitating a mastermind group and one of the members is an experienced financial planner. He explained to the group that he had good clients who wanted to see him and do business with him. But he felt that he couldn’t deal with the new technology and business process systems that were now required and as a result he was making excuses for not seeing his clients. He was suffering from procrastination and an empty wallet!

I’m glad to report that within 4 weeks of joining the group the other members had helped him to make a complete turn around and he now regularly writes $15,000 of business every 3 weeks and rewards himself with a 1 week holiday somewhere different in the world every 4th week!

So if you are suffering from procrastination, a lack of purpose or you want to realise your dreams and goals in life then joining a mastermind group could well be the best thing you have ever done!

You deserve to succeed, expand and create in life after all that is our purpose! It is so much easier when you have an alliance of likeminded people rooting for you! Make a decision today to take massive action to Invest in yourself and join a mastermind group today!

Martyn Green, VP Global Development for Mastermind to Personal Power, sees his purpose is to coach Individuals, Businesses and their Employees to develop, grow and succeed in everything that they want to in all areas of their personal and business life. He will link people with their individual purposes by sharing knowledge and educating them with this knowledge that they are ultimately the masters of their own destiny. You can find Martyn at to reserve your seat around the table. We will answer your questions after the MasterMind meeting and we look forward to meeting you in person after the meeting.

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