Will Anticipatory Partnerships Change Automotive Forever?

How will anticipatory partnerships transform your next car purchase?How will anticipatory partnerships transform your next car purchase?

Last week we talked about creating more anticipatory partnerships. You can find the article at Is Automotive Ready for Anticipatory Partnerships?  The two foundational elements are Know What’s Next and then Develop and Seize New Opportunities. If you just embrace these two concepts, you’re half way to market leadership. Your transformational ideas must be implementable. So how do we make sure your best ideas get implemented?

The next step in anticipatory partnerships is Shape the Future. I know what you’re thinking, I’m going soft on you in my old age, right? Nope, I believe to create the future you must be able to align three elements for long term success. They are: people’s wants, technology capabilities, and government compliance and regulations.  Miss one and you miss the future.

So many people believe in electric cars, until they try to find how to keep theirs charged. Want an autonomous vehicle, but not have government regulators and representatives involved and your riding a bike on not so great roads.  Before you say it, wants will always overpower needs.  Don’t believe me?   Look around you and see how many people have several incredible Apple devices and get into their 12-year-old car as the drive to their mindfulness classes. People buy what they want, not what they need. Anticipatory Partnerships focus on creating new wants for their markets!

Shaping the future is a full-time job. It requires many people to create a better world. Anticipatory partnerships work to help the many stakeholders see the future. Can your partners’ ideas disrupt your markets? Think about hype cycles.  They are not called growth cycles for a reason. Hype only takes you so far.

Shaping the future means a positive, realistic view of the possibilities. Steve Jobs was the master of shaping the future. He understood that to sell his products he must transform the culture about what people expect from their telecommunications capabilities first, created then the IPhone to exceed and change their expectations.

He worked with many partners that anticipated the future but were unable to capture it in a product or service for their markets. He then used their technologies to create a different type of computer.  He also identified new partners who could see his view of the future. They helped Apple bring their products into reality.

Later, he worked with partners to create content and bandwidth to deliver the extraordinary customer experience to many people, flawlessly. He understood the first sale must happen to the people on his team then to outsiders. He helped transform forward leaning software and material engineers into designers and much more.

The final step in building anticipatory partnerships is they must Accelerate Success and Transform Results. These are the only reasons for many results driven executives to build anticipatory partnerships.  I’ve never met a successful leader who does not focus on acceleration in key areas of life and business.

We all want what we want now. For many leaders they are willing to become better partners with the many companies serving their markets.  Becoming anticipatory partners can accelerate success with customers and the ecosystem.

I believe your best leverage comes from anticipatory partnerships. Increasing this anticipatory capability can increase the velocity of your business.

Creating anticipatory partnerships transforms results. Imagine how you measure results today. Now imagine what it would be like to align your organization’s many stakeholders with your organization’s goals. It has the ability to transform the automotive industry very quickly. Will they choose to be the disruptor or the disrupted?

To do this, we may need to add the missing ingredient, we need to add Anticipatory Leadership capabilities to your executive pipeline. Stick around. I’ll be sharing what I learn is working in automotive and how you can use these ideas to transform your life and business.

See you next week when I return from Detroit. I can’t wait to share what I learn at TU Automotive Conference in Michigan this week. We will be sharing the the ideas and technologies that are transforming our world today and into the future.


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