Are You Ready to Lead Your Accelerating SME Business today?

Can these SME experts help you achieve your growth goals?Can these SME experts help you achieve your growth goals?

Has your SME business helped you achieve your life and business goals? What do you need to build a thriving prosperous business in today’s fast changing business culture? Do you have the same joy and passion you had when you started building your organization?

Do you want to grow a bigger business? This seems like an obvious question, but you might be surprised how many entrepreneurs struggle to find an answer when I ask them the question. Almost all assume growth is the silver bullet to all their challenges.

I’ve consulted and been a senior level executive for several INC 500 companies, from early stage companies to over a billion in annual revenue. As an executive and performance coach, I’ve discovered growing your business is much easier once you know why you want a bigger business.

Not the superficial reasons people share when I first ask, but the real answers after we explore what their purpose really is. What is their real ambition and mission in life? The bigger their mission, the larger their impact, the more effective they become at accelerating growth. Today I want to reignite your passion for your life and business. For most successful serving entrepreneurs, they cannot be separated.

So why do you want a bigger business? Is it about money or about putting a dent in the universe? Steve Jobs proves once you know the why, the how is much easier to achieve. Everything starts to change once you become clear about your reason why!  Every successful organization I’ve ever worked with starts with a founder and their team wanting to change something about our world.

What excites you about your business and the people in it? Are you going to work every day excited about the possibilities?  Are you creating a business that can support a shared vison for the world? Are you engaging your team in building something that transcends your own capabilities or those of your teammates working as individuals?

High performing teams are the future of business. Leading teams takes different capabilities and strategies than leading organizations. I find leading teams can help restore the joy you had when you started building your organization. Many SME entrepreneurs struggle when it comes to engaging others to see the impact their companies can have on their families, workers, customers, and communities.

The next generation of SME leaders needs to constantly revitalize their vision by incorporating others’ ideas, strengths, and energy into their organization. Many SME business leaders struggle because what they’ve done successfully in the past won’t get them there in the future. The more successful you are, the harder it is to let go of time-wasting activities.

Many entrepreneurs need to learn to focus on the critical 10% of the activities that only they can do extraordinarily well. Giving up things they shouldn’t be doing can be very hard for many entrepreneurs and executives. Performance coaches can provide a bridge to developmental delegation activities for these leaders.

To achieve your goal of business growth, you must grow yourself and your teams.  Today’s growing, thriving businesses require better leaders than in the past. When was the last time you invested in growing you? I bet it was the last time you left your business for an extended vacation. I’m sure you’ve had many vacations where you just left your business behind and spent quality time with family and friends.

If you read me on a regular basis, you know I don’t believe in wasting your time reading things that don’t apply to you. I’ve had several conversations with friends who lost people close to them and they never got to do what they planned. It breaks my heart.

I promised myself that I would help my clients and readers get more joy out of their lives.  Life is too short not to do what you love.

This Thursday several of my partners and I will be hosting a tweet chat on Growth for Sage. We will share practical proven practices on what and how you can grow your business. The same thing you expect from me here at Market Leadership Journal every week.

To make these ideas work you need to improve your leadership capabilities. I know you’re up for the job. On Wednesday I’ll share how you can get your organization ready for accelerating growth and opportunities and, I might say, a bit of fun if done correctly.

Then I’ll see you on Thursday when our team of Sage Global Business Experts will help you achieve your growth goals. The chat information can be found below. Please help me share this with people on your teams, partners, and clients!  We are all in this together!

Our next twitter chat is “Growth is the goal, but how can you achieve it?” Q&A on August 9 at midday 5:00 UK time and 12:00pm (EST) on the @sageNAmerica channel all about business growth. The hashtag for the live event is #sageinspire on Thursday. See you there!

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See you on Thursday.

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