31 Days And Counting…Still No Candles

Customer service is an important part of every business.  

Being a business owner gives most of us a whole different perspective on how things the way things work inside a business and can sometimes make us more understanding and sometimes a little less so. 

Recently, an offer came through from one of my favorite candle companies for a buy one get one free offer and because I enjoy having candles burning so much, I simply couldn’t refuse.  I placed my order and waited for the arrival of the candles, thinking I might even use a couple of them for gifts for upcoming occasions. 

Time passes, and after two weeks, my order hadn’t arrived so I sent an email to the company and was told their warehouse was behind in processing orders but that they would have my order to me shortly.  

Another week, still no candles, and after another inquiry, I’m told the order will ship by the end of the week or the first part of the following week.  At this point, I’m a little amazed that it could possibly take so long to go to the warehouse, get the candles that have been ordered, place them in the pre-made box, put a shipping label on them and send them, but I’m trying to be patient.  

Shortly thereafter, I indeed get notification that the candles have been shipped, so I wait a few days and go check the tracking information that I was sent only to find that nothing seems to have changed on it since the day it was sent to me. 

I sent another email to see if the candle company can help me. One week later I get what seems to be a standard template type email response telling me I need to call their customer service line for assistance with my inquiry. Did it really need to take a week to tell me to call them? 

When I call to check on my order as requested in the email, I’m told the shipping company has lost my order and the candle company will now put in a new order for my candles.  They are very sorry for the inconvenience.  

Oh, but then, they are out of stock on one of the candles I ordered so would I like to have something else in its place?  The customer service rep didn’t make a suggestion for a replacement of the item that they no longer had in stock, but instead, just expected me to know off the top of my head, from all the choices they have, which one I wanted to replace it.  A bit frustrated, I asked him to just include two of one of my original choices. 

He very politely thanked me for my new order and informed me he was going to be sending this new order overnight since my original order had gotten lost.  

It’s always amazing to me to see how empowered, or not empowered, people are when it comes to correcting these kinds of situations and what they will and won’t do to make things right. 

In this instance, I just didn’t quite feel like complimentary overnight shipping on an order I waited over 30 days for was quite sufficient. How about you? 

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