How to Move People with a Powerful Presentation

Can you learn to deliver a more powerful presentation?Can you learn to deliver a more powerful presentation?

Today we are overwhelmed by seeing thousands of messages every day. On an average day we might receive over 100 text messages, over 500 emails and see several hundred marketing messages, and this doesn’t include phone calls and meetings where you are also barraged by even more messages. So how do we create a presentation that connects with our stakeholders and breaks through all this noise?

I believe there are several things you can do to create a lasting impression on the people to whom you’re making a presentation. The first includes several intangibles that you must master if you hope to break through the noise.

When I work with my entrepreneur clients on developing their message, I focus first on three key elements that allow them to connect with their intended audience in their presentation. Their presentation could be for investors, bankers, customers, or any other key stakeholders that help determine the future success of their organizations.

The first skill I help them develop for their presentation is to connect to their passion. Many of my clients are engineers, professionals, and doctors. They are very analytical when they present their ideas. They are passionate in what they do, but they don’t always show it when they present. We work hard to bring that passion to their presentation style. They have it, but we work with them to become comfortable sharing their passion with their audiences.

The second skill I help them develop for their presentation is a better understanding of their purpose. They are very comfortable describing the inner working of their product or service, but struggle when it comes to connecting their purpose to their clients’ world. Many times it’s because they are so enthralled with their new product or service offering, they fail to remember why they created it to start with.

We work to help our clients share the reason or their purpose for creating their new offering. For me, purpose is a shared platform that connects creating with market.  A strong presenter is able to build connection with their purpose. To do this, the entrepreneur must show why they are interested in changing the way individuals do business. Breakthrough presenters build commonality with their audience by connecting to both the audience‘s purpose and their own. Their presentation is a bridge to a brighter future.

Finally, the third skill I work with entrepreneurs to develop for their presentation is to allow them to use their natural powers to influence others. This is where a presenter can begin winning over an audience by sharing their view of the world using powerful language, images, and, most importantly, storytelling. When working with people who create breakthrough ideas it is critical that they are able to use stories to create a strong understanding of the capabilities their products unleash.

Since many executives are results focused, to be a strong communicator you must be able to tell stories that allows your audience to see the results in advance to seeing your products.  Think of Steve Jobs and you can see how powerful storytelling can impact your audience. He understood why stories are important to a great presentation.

Steve would spend significant time creating the stories he used to introduce his new products and services. I’ve been told that he would spend up to 80% of his time developing stories and themes to use in presenting his new products and services. I will share with you several storytelling creation processes in additional blogs over the next several weeks.

A powerful presentation comes from your conviction and beliefs. To project that power, it is critical to align it with your passion and purpose. I believe that people know when you are just trying to sell them something. They must trust you first. If you don’t have trust, you are nothing more than a charlatan. It is essential that you are not seen this way.

Having great presentation skills is critical to your role as leader.

Next week we will talk about influencer marketing and how it can help you increase your sales and market share. See you next week.

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