Can Dion Shealey Help You Get More Out of Your Life?

Dion Shealey will help you get more out of your life

Dion Shealey will help you get more out of your life

I’d like to introduce you to our newest guest blogger. His name is Dion Shealey and he’s someone I think you will enjoy hearing from. He’s a successful entrepreneur and leader and he’s committed to helping you become more successful.  Every time I talk with Dion I can see why he’s successful. He’s a rising star and he has a different way of looking at the world than I do.

I believe it’s important to keep up with how change is impacting your life and business. Dion is going to challenge the way you do things and help you achieve your dreams. He just launched his new blog at Keep Up or I’ve asked Dion to share his background and, next Monday afternoon, I will share his first guest blog here at Market Leadership Journal.

Dion was born in Pittsburgh, Pa in 1979 to a single teen mom. This would prove to be a critical part of his becoming the consummate optimist that he is today. “REGARDLESS of how things were my mom always instilled in me and my siblings that things aren’t as bad as they could be, it’s up to us to find the way to make them better”

While his mom worked hard to provide for the family, he was forced to move around frequently and changed schools every year from 4th grade on. This, for some, could have had adverse effects; however Dion took it as an opportunity to learn a skill that would benefit him for the rest of his life; how to quickly connect and build relationships with other people. A skill that he has since honed and used to further not only his business ventures but those of thousands of people who over the years he has helped to build and/or grow successful businesses in a myriad of different industries.

“I may not know a lot about a specific industry a business is in but I do know a lot about people and without knowing how to connect your company, brand, product or service to them… I do know that you will soon be out of business”

He has also helped start up companies grow to the point where they become attractive to investors and played a key role in building an entertainment company to the point that it would receive millions of dollars’ worth of financial investments and considerations.

“Working so closely with the president of that company taught me the importance of having an unshakeable belief in what you are doing and the work ethic to match when you are working toward your dreams”

He is very proud to have served in the United States Army as a Signal Support System Specialist. When asked what he learned in the Army, he quickly replied,”Make a decision! Period. Take all the information that you have available right now, use the training and skills you’ve learned and that gut feeling we all have and make a decision. Just be prepared to defend it. That, and if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready”

These, too, would prove to be crucial points in his development as an up and coming business leader. His ability to quickly make sound decisions and to convey them to others with conviction has enabled him to build organizations of thousands all across the world.

He is a motivational speaker and business growth coach having spoken to groups of up to 2,500  people all across the U.S. His first book will be released in the early part of 2014.
His philosophy is simple yet profound. FIND, BUY, SELL.

“When I say that to some people they instantly relate it to a product or service, that’s not it. What I want people to understand is that in life, not just business, the first thing you have to FIND, BUY and SELL is the Vision. Whether you are starting a traditional business partnering up with a network marketing opportunity, launching a non-profit organization, or raising a family. You first have to find the Vision of where it is you want it to go, then YOU have to buy in to your own Vision then and only then can you Sell that vision to someone else.”

He currently resides in Atlanta, Ga and when asked what he was currently working on he replied. “I’m working with a great group of people in order to build something bigger than us. So just stay tuned and see what is born in January of 2014″

With his track record, it’ll be something big!

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