How Is Market Leadership Changing Today?

How is market leadership changing today?How is market leadership changing today?

For many years, we’ve talked about how you can build a market leadership position for your organization. Recently, I had several conversations with clients who wondered if market leadership should be the ultimate goal for their organizations as they grow.

What are the benefits of building a market leading organization today? What will market leadership look like in the future?

Your market is changing very quickly. Industries are being disrupted every day. What is the blueprint for future success, today? Here’s the question that you should be asking yourself, “Should I build a leadership brand for my senior leaders in the organization?” What other options do we have?

Has traditional marketing and branding changed? Should we focus and invest more on creating a personal connection to our clients? Has traditional sales and marketing been replaced by social media and social selling businesses?

What will need to change in the age of the connected customer or client? Are you prepared to deal with the next generation of customers and clients?  I understand many of you are still doing business today the same way it was done twenty years ago. Don’t worry, disruption is coming.  Are you ready to become more agile in what you do with and for customers?

Market leadership today means we will always be changing! To remain a market leader, we need to become more agile in how we deal with our customers. This also means we need to be more connected to our best clients. We need to consider our employees and partners as customers.

Market leadership today means we are focused on our customers’ experience of our products and services. We are better prepared to help shape our customers’ experiences for maximum enjoyment and engagement. We need to collaborate with our customers to create breakthrough products and services that are constantly evolving. We need to understand the environments our clients find themselves in.

Market leadership today means we get to choose what tools and technologies we use to drive our business results. We are in less control of our technology choices than we have ever been in the past. New competitors are rising up all over the world. The world continues to shrink as companies find new ways to distribute their products and services.

Technology is forever changing what your clients expect from you. Clients’ expectations are changing forever as global startups leapfrog over your traditional business models. Smarter competitors leveraging technology increase the speed of competition in almost every market. They choose how and when they compete with their market leaders.

Market leadership today means smaller markets with more market segmentation. This means we need to rethink our marketing and business development strategies. This means we need to create new opportunities and markets. Our products and services will be in the process of constantly changing and evolving!

Those businesses who understand their customers’ intuitive and comfort needs will create the next generation of breakthrough products and services. Customers will continue paying a premium for products they didn’t know they needed until they showed up in their markets. Market leadership involves having the courage to see similar information and create different solutions.

Market leadership today means that our leaders continue to be the people with whom our customers relate. CEO as superhero is a concept whose time has come. The future belongs to collaborative leaders.  This means that your frontline people are responsible for connecting and engaging your best clients and partners. New technologies allow you to manage your businesses in way that was not even available as little as several years ago. Your customers’ ecosystems present new opportunities to grow with your clients.

Your constantly changing marketplace requires your employees to work more autonomously. They need more entrepreneurial skills. They need to help develop their own leadership brand and style that maps more closely with your clients’ wants and expectations. Market leadership is changing.  Are you and your organization?

See you next week when we talk about what qualities your team members need to succeed in business today.






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