Introducing Jayne Speich

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I think we can all agree that today’s economy is in a rut.  So how do we jumpstart it?  I’ve asked a guest blogger Jayne Speich to provide her insights into how we can get business growing again. Jayne brings an interesting combination of leadership skills from the front lines of both business and the government. And her opinions and solutions may startle you.  She believes a combination of government resources and business building to get the economy growing again.

I think you will find her insights helpful as you look at your options in the coming year. Make sure you check back then to see how Jayne gets the economy growing again. You can read more about Jayne below and please come back on August 31 to read her blog. You’ll be glad that you did.

Jayne Speich is co-founder of Business Growth Advocate, a free online magazine dedicated to the survival and growth of small business in the new era.

Jayne’s background includes public policy followed by many years of entrepreneurship. After a stint as an education policy specialist to the California State Assembly, and another couple of years as a legislative advocate, she started her first business as a consultant to the design and construction industries. After ten years she moved on to Michael Gerber’s E-Myth Worldwide, where she coached small businesses as well as managing and training other coaches. Today she dedicates herself to reading, writing, thinking, training, and consulting on modern solutions to small business challenges.

You can find all of Jayne’s activities at http://

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