Can Des Walsh Help You Become a Visionary Leader?

Can Des Walsh Help You Become a Visionary Leader?Can Des Walsh Help You Become a Visionary Leader?
Can Des Walsh Help You Become a Visionary Leader?

Can Des Walsh Help You Become a Visionary Leader?

What’s the biggest challenge facing midmarket leaders? How can business owners become more visionary entrepreneurs?  Can visionary leadership set you apart from larger rivals?  Markets are different and many people don’t understand the more subtle differences in how business is done in different countries. Looking at these challenges and discussing them with several of my peers, I decided to add Des Walsh as a writer on my Market Leadership Journal team. I chose Des for several reasons.  Let me share them with you.

First, Des brings a strong international background to our team. He has significant experience working with many successful global entrepreneurs. I met Des Walsh while working on a new social media platform several years ago.  He proved to me that how we connect with others was changing. He was very successful in developing strong working relationships with many influential social media leaders around the world. He is one of the most influential leaders in social media in Australia. Des Walsh has not only cultivated strong relationships with the technology markets, but also influences many other leaders in his homeland on the power of social business. He was an early visionary of the power of connection through community.

Second, Des brings a wealth of leadership experience in both government and industry. His unique skills allow his clients to better understand and leverage leadership in their markets. Over the years, I’ve worked with many midmarket entrepreneurs who could use advice in dealing with government organizations. As business organizations continue to grow and prosper, it is critical to have a more synergistic view of how to relate to their many stakeholders communities.  Des Walsh has also led his own business for over twenty years. This is a rare combination of skills that I’m very excited about sharing with you here on Market Leadership Journal.

Professional service firms and midmarket businesses are facing a changing business environment and many are impacted in their growth by not knowing how to build successful alliance partnerships within their stakeholder community. Des brings a unique perspective of being on both sides of the desk in his career. He helps guide you through these quickly changing times. After several conversations with Des, I could clearly understand why he is so highly regarded by his clients.  He helps you think about how your different constituencies will be impacted by your business decisions. Des Walsh helps business owners become visionary entrepreneurs.

Third, to increase the likelihood of success to his clients, Des brings a sense of humor and urgency to what you need to do to take your business to the next level.  Des is an incredible sounding board for new ideas.  Today’s entrepreneur needs a partner who can not only to expand how they see the world, but how they share their vision within their markets.

Fourth, Des’ unique ability to help you see both the big picture and dig into the tactical details is something that leaders in the midmarket value.  Strong advisors must be able to help clients prioritize how they develop and implement their growth strategies to achieve their business objectives. I’ve asked Des to share his view on how visionary leaders lead in challenging times.

Fifth, Des is capable of helping executive accelerate their learning curves to help them take advantage of new possibilities in their markets. His broad experience provides him a strong foundation to help his clients understand how they might take advantage of new business opportunities. He is a visionary and early adopter to many different social and business technologies. He not only teaches how to do these things, he has been able to achieve the breakthrough results in his markets.

Des Walsh brings an insatiable curiosity to his coaching activities. This skill helps you become a more visionary leader. He enters the conversation with a question. In my opinion, that’s the best place to start a great partnership.

Des Walsh has been so busy doing several great new projects, including expanding his midmarket practice in Australia, it took me several months to convince him to share with our readers, but after reading his first blogs I am glad that I did. You will be to.  See you Wednesday.


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