Show…Don’t Tell.

Not long ago I was in a meeting with some business colleagues. As we were wrapping up our discussion, one member of the group, an established graphic designer, shared a portfolio of previous work she had done over the years. It was actually a simple, yet elegant photo album of business logos and corporate identities she had compiled. Another member of the group was flipping through it, wishing that he had something tangible to share with prospects of his own. However, his profession wasn’t graphic communication! It was tax, accounting and payroll services! “How do I demonstrate my work in a portfolio?” he asked. Indeed, how do you “show” rather than just tell?

How do you build a better marketing message today?

How Do You Build a Better Marketing Message?

How can you get your marketing message heard above the crowd?  Many of the people you are trying to connect with are exposed to over 30,000 messages a day. How can you connect with your best clients today?

What Fuels Your Social Media Marketing?

There are countless social media marketing channels from which to choose. People not only want and need information and content that offers value up front, they want to be able to access it on their terms. If you can’t do that, you won’t reach them (no matter what you are saying). Nor will you get them to share news and say good things about you online.

Does your story connect with key stakeholders?

Entrepreneurs, What’s Your Business’s Story?

For many high growth business leaders, it’s critical to tell a great story to your clients and other stakeholders.  Why is a good story so important to your long term financial success? I have found that good leaders, like good storytellers, understand how stories can help them during all phases…

Social Proof: How to Get a Testimonial and an Introduction in One Conversation

I’ve spoken and written about the value of testimonials before. Indeed they are so important that they merit further discussion. After all, we know that client testimonials can be one of the best ways to grab the attention of prospects in your marketing. They are truly social proof…giving you credibility and demonstrating your successful track record. Most importantly they reflect the feelings that your clients have when you have served them with success.

Segmenting can help you attract your best customers

How Segmenting Your Markets Can Help You Grow Faster

Today entrepreneurs have an incredible opportunity to create marketing that targets their best clients and customers. Because there is so much information available for today’s entrepreneur, it is critical that you decide who your message is for and how to reach them. Segmenting your markets can help you build a…

Search Engine Optimized Video: It Starts with the Script

The key to creating a video that speaks to your audience’ search is the script. In other words, search engine optimization of a video does not take place after it is produced and uploaded; rather, SEO work begins before the video is produced.

What do know about your best clients?

Can Target Marketing Provide Entrepreneurs an Edge?

What’s the biggest shift in marketing over the past several years? Successful entrepreneurs today understand how important it is to target their message to their best clients and markets. These entrepreneurs understand the importance of creating a message that resonates with their key clients and customers. Target marketing can increase the…

Why Your Videos Don’t Get Ranked on Google

We all know that Google is the number one search engine. What many people are not aware of is the second most popular search engine: YouTube. In fact, the expression “YouTube it” is quickly becoming a common expression when searching for a quick how-to solution (Don’t know how to tie a necktie? YouTube it!). Most of you are likely aware that Google owns YouTube. They acquired it several years back at a very high cost, because they saw the future. And the future of the web is video.

The Top Ten Reasons to Add VIDEO to your Sales & Marketing Arsenal

For quite some time now, I have been talking and preaching about the uses of video in content marketing and lead generation. Today I am going to keep it short and sweet, and walk through the top ten reasons why you should consider using video in your marketing.