Search Engine Optimized Video: It Starts with the Script

These past few weeks we have been discussing the role that video can play in getting your business or message found on Google, the world’s most popular search engine.

Last week, we identified the key reasons why, if you have already attempted to use video, they may not be getting found or ranked. As we indicated before, it starts with knowing what your audience is seeking FIRST, rather than just putting something together based upon what YOU want to say, and hoping people will find it (which is a common habit).

The key to creating a video that speaks to your audience’ search terms is the script. In other words, search engine optimization of a video does not take place after it is produced and uploaded; rather, SEO work begins before the video is produced.

The script ensures that your video will speak directly to the keyword search expressions in a natural manner. That is typically achieved by dividing it into four parts, which I will share right here. For some examples of recent videos we produced that follow this structure, click here to see one that addresses bookkeeping services in Columbus, Ohio, and here for Columbus, Ohio painters. There is another one climbing for health advocate in Columbus, Ohio.

Part 1: Congruence and Commitment.

Make sure the video audience knows they have landed on the right video. They were doing a search for a reason, and you need to let them know your video will address their concerns, and give them what they were searching for.

Part 2: Engage and Empathize with their Plight.

By now, the video viewer knows they landed in the right place, and it’s time to let them know that you know their pain! Address their current struggle. Tap into their emotions and let them know you pride yourself changing things for the better.

Part 3: Establish Your Credibility and the Value You Offer

Now they know you can help with their struggle, you need to ensure they actually trust you to solve it for them. In one to two sentences, you can tell them why you’re a credible resource, and reinforce the value, or benefits, that your product or service can deliver. Remember, it’s benefits that people are seeking, not your product or service.

Part 4: Have a Compelling Call to Action

This is crucial! What should they do NEXT? This is very important. So…tell them where to go or what to do, and if you really want to make it a no-brainer for them, you should add in an incentive (such as a discount or content-giveaway) for extra motivation. Yes, prospects move on their timetable, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t encourage them along, and get them on your contact list so that when they are ready to pull the trigger, YOU will be top of mind.

That’s it. It really is that simple. Keep it short, sweet, and direct. The more effort and focus you place in creating a solid script, the more solid your final production will be.

Photo Credit: Nathaniel Avery via Compfight cc

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