Why does your marketing miss the target?

Why Your Marketing Fails to Connect with Others

Over the years I have discovered there are many reasons our marketing doesn’t impact our intended receivers. High speed innovation and collaboration require a different set of marketing strategies than you may have used in the past. I thought it might be helpful to review them today and then next Thursday I give…

less is more

Less is More

In content marketing, , we cannot touch our audience just once and hope for a response. We need to do it on a regular basis, and each time, we should strive to deliver value, not sales pitches. But this now begs the question: how often should we do this? If we “market” too much, it can desensitize our audience to our voice.

Content is Capital.

Content marketing is not an expense–it’s an investment. With countless channels for distribution, good content truly is capital that can fuel your business.

Unsure of What to Post in Your Social Media Marketing? Share What You Are Doing!

Recently I was sitting with a client discussing some social media marketing strategies for the next few months. She owns a professional catering company with a pretty impressive client portfolio (lots of well known companies). Indeed, in her business, there is plenty to talk about. Their expertise aside, stories abound of the drama that can go on behind the scenes of a professionally catered event—all to the blissful ignorance of those partaking in the grand meal. But as we were speaking about creating opportunities to grow awareness in both business and consumer settings, a thought occurred to me.

Quantity Over Quality: Is There a Content Bubble About to Burst?

A report from just a few years ago indicated that B2B marketers felt that producing ENOUGH content would be their biggest challenge, as opposed to producing content that sufficiently engages prospects (the top challenge from the prior year). Could it be that quantity was trumping quality as a driving factor?

"I Want to Start a Blog. What Should I Do?"

“I want to start a blog. What should I do?”

I have been hearing this question quite a bit lately from people in a wide range of professions. It’s a good one to be sure, however before I answer it, I would need to counter it with a follow up question:

“Why do you want to blog?”

Not All LinkedIn Recommendations Are Created Equal

When it comes to LinkedIn Recommendations, the nature of the relationship with a contact recommending you is very important. It is best to have people who can attest to two primary factors: your integrity, and your results.

What’s Your Gospel?

A few weeks ago I found myself sitting down with a prospective client who was seeking some help with branding himself. He was a highly experienced management consultant (forty-plus years) who had been downsized from a corporation that employed him for more than twenty-five years, and he wasn’t quite ready to retire. Thus, he was looking to go out and have to sell himself.

What Can Leaders Learn from Dave Isay of StoryCorps?

What Can Leaders Learn from Dave Isay of StoryCorps?

What’s the best way to connect with your family, friends, clients and community? In the age of social business and technology disruption, what tools do you need to stand out from the crowd? What if I told you the most powerful way to connect with others is through stories, not…