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What skills do you need for team selling success?

What Skills Do You Need for Team Selling Success?

I believe the biggest sales trend of 2016 and beyond is team selling. Every executive I talk with asks me what trend has the largest impact on revenue growth for 2016.  I share with them that sales has become a team sport. Team selling is going to change the way…

How can entrepreneurs avoid stressful partnerships?

How can entrepreneurs avoid stressful partnerships?

I got several notes after last week’s blog saying it just can’t be that easy to find your best partners. We’ve had a lot of great partnerships, but we’ve also had many unsuccessful partnerships. Why do you think most businesses have such a hard time creating extraordinary partnerships?

How can you find the best partners for your business?

How Can Entrepreneurs Find Their Best Partners?

I’ve spent many years working with great organizations that have strong partner programs. I’ve recruited partners for organizations, helped partners make strategic acquisitions, and helped my clients break into accounts with their partners. It’s funny, the more I do this, the more I believe that we have this backwards.

Do you have the key strengths of a great M&A Mindset?

Do you know the key strengths of M&A Mindset?

How do you select the organizations that create the best synergies in the markets they are entering? What can you do to develop an edge when you’re buying a business? How can David successfully take on Goliath in M&A activities? Let me share the M& A mindset I’ve learned in…

What do you need to know to complete successful acquisitions?

Is 2016 Going to be a Competitive Year for Acquisitions?

Over 90% of respondents to respondents to KPMG M&A survey for 2016 said they plan to make at least one acquisition in 2016. 81% of the 550 respondents felt they would be doing two or more acquisitions. How do you find the best acquisitions in this competitive M&A market? This…

Can a stronger message launch your business faster?

Can a Stronger Message Help Your Business Grow Faster?

How do you create a stronger message? Have you ever wondered what makes a message stand out from the crowd on the different social media platforms? If you are a celebrity or world famous entrepreneur you may not need this message. If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to increase visibility…

Do you have a bold leadership brand?

Is Your Leadership Brand Bold Enough?

When I work with startup clients I always try to quickly evaluate their leadership brand. Over the years, I discovered that most successful startups have a bold leadership brand. These successful entrepreneurs are always looking to build a bolder leadership brand. But what does it take to stand out in…

How much do you know about your market?

How Much Do You Know About Your Market?

To create successful marketing messages, you must know your market. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? How well do you know your market? Most successful entrepreneurs understand their markets or they couldn’t remain in business.

What major sales trend should you leverage?

What Major Sales Trend Should You Leverage To Grow?

What major sales trend will entrepreneurs need to grow their business faster over the next six months? We are seeing several key trends emerging that can help you increase your sales and profits more quickly. There are many opportunities for new profitable growth if leaders choose to take advantage of these…

How can a leader handle a negative surprise?

How an Effective Leader Responds to a Negative Surprise

It was the beginning of a weekend back in 2013. Ford Motor Company’s then global head of social media Scott Monty was about to board a plane in Europe, bound for the US, when he spotted the Business Insider article with a headline asking was this the “worst Ford ad…