How Digital Accelerators Give You an Anticipatory Advantage!

How can 3 digital accelerators transform your organization with certainty?How can 3 digital accelerators transform your organization with certainty?

How can you use technology to create unique products and services? Have you considered harnessing the hard trends involving accelerating technologies to create better customer experiences? Today, I share a core concept from Daniel Burrus’ new book, The Anticipatory Organization, on how you can create an anticipatory advantage!

Daniel Burrus and I believe that leveraging technology is one of the keys to creating competitive advantage. Anticipatory advantage is critical to the next generation of exponential growth for your organization. Here are three key digital accelerators that can help you transform your organization today, and tomorrow with certainty!

The first anticipatory advantage comes from leveraging computing power. Moore’s Law gives us a formula for better understanding how are computing power continues to accelerate. With certainty. This means that you need to incorporate this into your business development plans. If every business is a tech business, you want to exploit this quality to take your business to the next level. The cloud is going to continue to play a larger and larger part innovation.

The second anticipatory advantage comes from expanding bandwidth. Digital networks are growing at predictable rates with no limits in the foreseeable future. Digital networks are expanding in predictable, knowable way. Are you building this into your product and service roadmaps? Cost structures are being reduced at amazing rates. You will be constantly connected with customers. Are you leveraging this connectivity to build stronger relationships with you best customers? If not, why not?

The third anticipatory advantage comes from digital storage.  Digital storage costs continue to decline. It’s not only the cost that’s being reduced, but our capabilities to use a combination of hardware, software, and new technologies to build smarter, faster accessibility to critical capabilities are building smarter products at lower and lower cost.

Ideas that were economically unfeasible as little as two years ago are now becoming accessible to almost any company at any stage of the organization’s development. Remote, scalable storage is changing how startups can scale their business.

These digital accelerators are also providing entrepreneurs around the world with the opportunity to build a successful business where they are. They can create new business models that change global markets. It can provide the foundation for new industries unencumbered by the old ways of doing business.

Any one of these anticipatory advantages could disrupt your markets. The combination of these key technology factors means you have unlimited opportunities to transform, not only your organizations, but the customers and markets you sell into. Is your organization prepared to seize new opportunities?

Anticipatory advantage has now become a reality. Many of the executives I talk with are excited about the possibilities these accelerated technologies offer for disruption. Our discussions revolve around how to leverage these capabilities to create more innovative organizations. How do they build The Anticipatory Organization?

Leveraging technologies is only part of the story. Every organization both, large and small, has access to an anticipatory advantage. How they use it will decide if they become a market leader or fade into the past. I believe that you need to create an anticipatory culture. Good thing for us Dan Burrus has been creating the tools your organization needs to transform your business for the past 30 years.

Want to learn more about Moore’s Law and how its changing the world?  You will enjoy Beyond Moore’s Law from Daniel Burrus!

Next week, I begin rolling out the tools and anticipatory mindset you need to create an anticipatory advantage. See you next week.


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