Is it Time for More Conscious, Empowering Leadership?

Is it Time for More Conscious, Empowering Leadership?Is it Time for More Conscious, Empowering Leadership?

How do you build a high performing organization? What does it take to create a lasting leadership legacy for your organization? Why do so few organizations successfully grow beyond the founder’s vision? Is it time for more conscious, empowering leaders?

I’ve been blessed to have long term relationships with many of the world’s most successful leaders and their leadership teams. Today, many emerging entrepreneurs return my call. Even if it’s in hopes that I can give them a slight edge in their highly competitive, global markets. Maybe its because my clients and partners have access to billions of dollars to invest in these early stage organizations. That would be a simple way to explain away my career success. Many explain it that way.

Sadly, they are not my clients. My clients know the truth of our long-term relationship. The truth is I coach from a conscious, empowering, and strength based leadership model. I provide my clients a safe nurturing place from which they can grow. It doesn’t matter if the person is a financial services executive, Army Ranger, or, the toughest of all, a female entrepreneur in technology, I help them tap into their highest potential.

I’ve attended and facilitated discussions at seven global technology conferences over the past two years. I worked and learned from many of the technology world’s best leaders, from Ginni Rometty of IBM and Mary Barra of GM, to rising stars, such as Alicia Asin of Libelium, to name just a few. Many of leaders I’ve partnered with are women, they all share a conscious, empowering leadership style.

Many male leaders share these same qualities. For example, one of my new favorite bromances is with CEO Marc Benioff of We don’t agree on everything, but it’s hard not to see his point of view. His crusades on many critical social issues in our society are going to impact future generations. He is fearless! He has a clear plan and is conscious of how his actions help transform the world of business into the future. If I had a daughter or granddaughter, I would hope they work for such conscious, empowering leaders.

How about becoming a more conscious leader? Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft certainly fits that description. His personal story and his leadership style have transformed Microsoft into a leader in many emerging markets. His ideas on the future of artificial intelligence and how it may transform our lives is inspiring…and very cool. He is no Bill Gates, but Bill Gates is not same person I knew when I was responsible for a large group of Microsoft partners here in the Midwest.

Finally, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, watching them at their annual meetings, explains why their organization continues to grow and prosper. Their leadership partnership is model for dealing with the increasing speed of change in global markets. Their commitment to lifetime learning continues to provide significant results for their many stakeholders.

The next generation of leaders could learn much from their conscious choice of “don’t do anything, just sit” style of leadership. Using time as the ultimate business tool. Understanding there is always another great deal coming down the road. I’ve seen too many entrepreneurs act when sitting there would provide them better results. Their organization’s names are written in bestselling business books and not always in the most positive way!

In 2018, I plan to share a new high potential leadership model with my clients. My longest client partnership furnishes my team the resources to share an innovative, proven leadership model with the world. Want to learn more? Check out Where Will Your Leadership Take You in 2018?

I will collaborate with leaders who have successfully navigated through this critical growth process and are open to sharing what they’ve learned. We are planning to create and share solutions for scaling entrepreneurs, family led, and emerging technology organizations.

What makes it different? Is conscious, empowering leadership something that should be considered for your growing organization? This leadership development process is designed to help you empower your leaders and managers today.

Starting next week, I will share why I believe it’s a great choice for taking your life and organization to the next level.

See you next week.

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