Celebrating Jesus’s Life, the One Man That Changed Our World Forever

How Will You Celebrate Jesus’s Life This Christmas?

How Will You Celebrate Jesus’s Life This Christmas?

As we celebrate the birth of Christ this year, how do we honor this man who changed our world over 2,000 years ago? With every year that passes, it’s even more amazing what this single man accomplished in his short lifetime.  I thought I would share my thoughts and prayers with you and your family this holiday season.

I find that the more I understand his life and times, the more amazing his life story becomes. Not because of the miracles or the example he provided, but because of how his message continues to grow and reach new audiences around the world. He is not the only exceptional leader this world has produced, but for generations his life and message has continued to inspire others to help set their people free.

Here are three things that inspire me when I think about Jesus Christ.  I hope they inspire you to help make a difference in the world we live in today, and also provide a positive change for the generations that follow you here on earth.

The first quality in Jesus that inspires me is his ability to share his stories through parables. His storytelling provides every person a unique view into the mind of the teacher.  I began reading the Bible at a young age and, to be honest, some of his parables still confuse and intrigue me. Every time I read and share these stories, they provide me with another view into this man’s unique view into our world.

The second quality in Jesus that inspires me is his unique ability to build a team. His team has been immortalized through scripture and story that has seldom, if ever, been equaled. Every team member makes their own unique contribution to the story of Christ. The people who surrounded Jesus were as uniquely human as he was.

If you read the stories with an open heart and mind, you can see yourself in many of the characters’ beliefs and actions. Who has not been a doubting Thomas when faced with an amazing fact or story? How often do we doubt that we can reach his standard of perfection? Jesus planned for this by calling his followers to constantly strive to become better people. He asked Peter to try and try again to become a better leader. He accepted our humanity as part of who we were, but always reminded us that there was more to us than we can see while we are here on earth. His language is so powerful that it still moves people to travel the globe to help and serve others in times of need.

The third quality in Jesus that inspires me is his ability to remind us that love is the most important aspect of our life here on earth. If you have it, you will never want, if you don’t, you will seek it forever. I believe that unconditional love is the most powerful miracle we humans can provide to each other. This love for each other is found in simple acts of kindness.  Moments that we give to one another that we don’t think about but mean so much to the other person.  Jesus reminds us with his simple acts and stories that friends are God’s way of saying you never have to walk alone.  Go in peace during the holidays and know that you are loved.

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Merry Christmas, may God’s love fill your heart as we honor the man who shared and gave his life so that we will never walk alone.

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