Leading change

How do you find great opportunities?

How to Spot Future Growth Opportunities for Your Business?

How do you find the next great profit center for your organization? How do certain companies keep reinventing themselves while others fail the test of time? How do they find the right ideas to implement to keep their organization growing and prospering for many years? Here’s how to spot the…

How do you choose your best strategy?

When is it time to abandon your current business strategy?

How do you decide to invest your time and critical resources? Fourth quarter is the time for entrepreneurs to assemble their plans for the coming year. I thought it might be helpful to share my favorite Peter Drucker planning concept. It has generated significant results for every client I’ve ever…

How do you nurture and care for your dreams?

How Big Are Your Dreams? How to Build an Extraordinary Life!

What do you dream of? What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? This question has been asked throughout history and it always brings an inspiring response. I’m on the road lately meeting with and talking to many great entrepreneurs about the future of business. It’s easy to…

How do you build a CEO Succession Strategy?

Why Do So Many Privately Held CEO Succession Plans Fail?

This week, we’re talking about your board; how the boards’ roles are changing, their key responsibilities, and how to build your team. With so many successful baby boomer leaders moving towards retirement, it’s critical that your board is prepared to help with CEO succession planning. I got several notes from…

Are you building stronger relationships with your key stakeholders?

Are Your Key Relationships Providing You an Edge?

How does a high growth business leader differ from their peers? We talked about one of the key distinctions between high growth INC 500 CEOs and their peers. It’s their ability to build deeper relationship with the right people at the right time. It’s not unusual for them to have…

What new tools do you need in your leadership toolkit?

What Tools Do You Need in Your Leadership Playbook?

We are beginning to see turnover at the top of many family and privately held businesses. Estimates are as high as 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day. How many of them are your critical team members? Have you created a business that extends beyond this generation of leadership?  Judging by…

How can you become better at seizing opportunities?

Can Entrepreneurs Become Better at Seizing Opportunities?

We live in a time of unlimited opportunities for entrepreneurs.  Around every corner and behind every call, there are new opportunities to explore. So how do you pick the best opportunities for your business? Can you become good at seizing opportunities? I’ve been involved in Joint Ventures (JVs) and strategic…

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Why is Personal Development Critical?

I was working with an executive recently and we were discussing the numerous changes he had experienced during his career with a Fortune 50 company. The marketplace today is vastly different from what it was when he began his career 28 years ago. Rules of engagement with his customers have…

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How Do You Compete for the Future?

How do you build a business with staying power into the future? How do you create an organization that continuesgrowing no matter what happens in your markets? The most popular question I get at the 19th hole is how entrepreneurs can continue to build the value of their business and have…

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The Power of A Players to Make You a Market Leader

Bill Gates once said, “Take our 20 best people away, and I will tell you that Microsoft would become an unimportant company. “At the time of the quote, Microsoft had over 400,000 employees across the globe and over thirty billion dollars in the bank to invest in future business opportunities….