Leading change

Have you identified your key constituents?

How to Create a Winning Change Plan

I often say that change is a reactionary sport. However, we do want to be as anticipatory as possible. Why a change plan can help you seize opportunities!

Have you identified your key constituents?

Stakeholder = Constituent

Why you might want consider calling your stakeholders constituents. Here’s how to start working with your key constituents to create successful change now.

You Are a Change Leader

You Are a Change Leader

Change leaders are a unique breed. To an extent they are born, not made. There are certain skills necessary to be successful and they can be developed!

Wash, Rinse, Repeat…for Ninety Days.

As we begin another new year hoping to adopt new habits and shake off old ones, there is some infinite wisdom in those three words found on most shampoo bottles.

Do the leaders you know have a sense of humor?

Can Humor Help You Become a Stronger Leader?

When you think about the one quality that sets great leaders apart, it’s their ability to laugh and find joy in their work. Think of all the great leaders you’ve known. I would bet they had a great sense of humor. They took leadership seriously, but not themselves. I think…