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What trend is critical to long term success in the global automotive industry?

What Trend Should You Leverage for Automotive Success?

I’m at the TU Automotive Conference in the Novi, Michigan today. I’m spending the day talking with a wide range of leaders and speakers at the event. I can’t wait to share more of what I’ve learned and how it will impact your life and business in the coming years….

How Do You Attract and Recruit Great Technology Team Leaders?

How Do You Attract and Recruit Technology Team Leaders?

What’s the biggest challenge leaders face today? What single duty do most HR recruiting leaders dread? No, I’m not talking about paying taxes or having a root canal. Its hiring your future technology team leaders.

Are You Ready to Compete in an Analytics Driven Age?

Are You Ready to Compete in an Analytics Driven Age?

How do you leverage analytics to build a more competitive organization? I have several questions to start you thinking about the possibilities advanced analytics open for your team.  I’m getting ready to go to IBM’s Think 2018  in Las Vegas! There’s still time for us to meet when I’m there. I’ve already set up several…

Can three anticipatory leaders disrupt healthcare?

Can These Three Anticipatory Leaders Disrupt Healthcare?

What will it take to change healthcare? For years, serving leaders have wondered what would it take to transform healthcare. There are many great healthcare organizations here in the United States. The challenge of healthcare is built into the very foundations.  The values, the innovation, the work ethic all focus…

Is it Time for More Conscious, Empowering Leadership?

Is it Time for More Conscious, Empowering Leadership?

How do you build a high performing organization? What does it take to create a lasting leadership legacy for your organization? Why do so few organizations successfully grow beyond the founder’s vision? Is it time for more conscious, empowering leaders?

Why Entrepreneurs Should Build a Purpose Driven Business

I have never found a business that succeeded without a purpose.  It may start and grow for a short time, but it ultimately stalls if all you’re hoping to do is make money.  Money is a short term motivator for most people. To build an extraordinary business, you must find…

How do you leverage the power of the Both/And Principle today?

The Transformational Power of the Both/And Principle!

You have older technologies that are working well for you today. You discover there is a new capability that could disrupt and transform your markets very quickly. What do you do? This is a great time to employ the Both/And principle in your business!

How can 3 digital accelerators transform your organization with certainty?

How Digital Accelerators Give You an Anticipatory Advantage!

How can you use technology to create unique products and services? Have you considered harnessing the hard trends involving accelerating technologies to create better customer experiences? Today, I share a core concept from Daniel Burrus’ new book, The Anticipatory Organization, on how you can create an anticipatory advantage!

What Are the Key Qualities of Innovative Coaching?

What Are the Key Qualities of Innovative Coaching?

Innovative coaching can take your organization to the next level! What results should you expect from an innovative coach? I believe that many of my best clients have been very creative and innovative without my coaching.