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How do you become the disruptor in 2017?

Entrepreneur, are you the disruptor or disrupted in 2017?

7 trends that will disrupt your business in 2017 from Strategic Performance Partners How is your market changing? Where do you turn when things are changing so quickly? Can you become a disruptor in 2017? What trends can you use to become a market leader? Every year clients ask me…

How is market leadership changing today?

How Is Market Leadership Changing Today?

For many years, we’ve talked about how you can build a market leadership position for your organization. Recently, I had several conversations with clients who wondered if market leadership should be the ultimate goal for their organizations as they grow. What are the benefits of building a market leading organization…

Can Ginni Rometty Help Grow Your Business?

Can Ginni Rometty Help Grow Your Business?

Do cognitive technologies change the way you grow your business? How can entrepreneurs grow smarter businesses by leveraging cognitive technologies to grow to the next level? I’m at The World of Watson conference this week learning about how cognitive technologies can help you grow a more profitable business. One of…

Can Cognitive Computing Provide Your Business an Advantage?

Can Cognitive Computing Provide Your Business an Edge?

How do you compete in a more complex world? What would it take to help you make better decisions faster? Could you get comfortable working with a thinking partner who is constantly learning and evolving? No, not me. I’m talking about cognitive computing!

You Can’t Beat Referrals…or Can You?

You have heard it said a hundred times, and in a hundred different ways: You can’t beat referrals. If you don’t seek referrals, you are missing one of the simplest, yet effective ways to prospect. So it begs the question…can there be something better?

Can you help your data team deliver extraordinary results?

Can your data team cultivate their soft skills to deliver results?

Today we are talking about what skills you need to deliver results through your data team. I believe data science has limitless possibilities. This is the good and bad of data science. To succeed, you will need to develop and build stronger data teams.

LinkedIn: Who DON’T You Know?

Ultimately, it’s ALL about prospecting. If people didn’t need to prospect, business networking web apps such as LinkedIn wouldn’t be as popular and useful as they have become.

How do influencers build trust?

Are There Influencers in Your Marketing Future?

Marketing is changing. The next generation of clients has different expectation of what marketing is and how they decide what and who they buy from. So many marketing messages, so little time. Is it time for you to add influencers to your marketing mix? People have always been influenced by…

What can we learn from emotionally intelligent leaders?

How emotionally intelligent leaders build winning teams!

How do you build out your organization’s leadership capabilities?  How do you get your teams to perform at a higher level in constantly changing times?  Why you must surround yourself with emotionally intelligent leaders? I suggested that you might consider evaluating your current leaders and any you recruit in the…