Business Ethics

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Which Comes First…the Smile or the Dial?

Chances are you have heard the expression “Keep smiling and dialing!” The idea is that people on the other end can sense it. But which comes first?

Do You Need Help with That?

Not long ago at the store I offered someone help with their groceries who clearly needed it, and initially met resistance. How often have we needed help, but refused?

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How College Hinders Millennials Entering the Job Market

I work with many great students from a number of schools and programs. When looking at our future, it’s critical to remember where our careers started and how challenging it was to get our first professional position. I’ve asked my resident Millennial, Erin to share her thoughts.

Rejection IS Personal!

You shouldn’t let rejection get to you too much. After all, it’s not personal…or is it? Indeed, rejection is personal. Here’s why.