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What are the qualities of a smarter sales leader today?

Is Your Organization Ready For Smarter Sales Leaders?

What are the critical elements to great sales leadership? So many people I talk with tell me things are changing for them as sales leaders. The increasing complexity of doing business, global competition, and a limited group of talented professionals to choose from are changing the role of sales leaders. …

What skills do you need for team selling success?

What Skills Do You Need for Team Selling Success?

I believe the biggest sales trend of 2016 and beyond is team selling. Every executive I talk with asks me what trend has the largest impact on revenue growth for 2016.  I share with them that sales has become a team sport. Team selling is going to change the way…

What do great salespeople want?

What Do Great Sales People Want From Their Leaders?

What does it take to build a great sales organization? We all know how important it is have a successful sales team if you hope to grow a great business. In today’s changing business environment, what does it take to attract and retain great sales people?

Can a stronger message launch your business faster?

Can a Stronger Message Help Your Business Grow Faster?

How do you create a stronger message? Have you ever wondered what makes a message stand out from the crowd on the different social media platforms? If you are a celebrity or world famous entrepreneur you may not need this message. If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to increase visibility…

Are You Running or Growing?

For many business leaders, a big obstacle they often face to growing their business is actually running it. Are you making the best use of your time?

How much do you know about your market?

How Much Do You Know About Your Market?

To create successful marketing messages, you must know your market. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? How well do you know your market? Most successful entrepreneurs understand their markets or they couldn’t remain in business.

How do you build a better marketing message today?

How Do You Build a Better Marketing Message?

How can you get your marketing message heard above the crowd?  Many of the people you are trying to connect with are exposed to over 30,000 messages a day. How can you connect with your best clients today?

Do you know your clients’ trigger events?

Can Knowing Trigger Events Improve Your Sales Results?

Companies spend millions of dollars marketing and advertising, hoping they capture their clients’ hearts and minds early in the sales cycle. So many of your best clients are too busy to respond to a call or respond to an email. How can you use trigger events to help you become…

How can social selling improve your sales results?

Do Your Sales Results Need a Social Selling Makeover?

Do your sales efforts need a social selling makeover? Many of my newer clients swear by their social selling results. Many of my old line manufacturing organizations are still struggling to get their sales teams to begin using a social selling process. I think the problem is more terminology based…