Articles by Keith F. Luscher

For Successful Prospecting, Just Two or Three Nuggets is All it Takes

In today’s economy, you have no doubt seen more and more commercials promoting the investment in gold. It goes to show how much just a little bit of gold is worth. Indeed, one of the oldest usages of the word prospecting is associated with gold! But with gold, just a few nuggets is all it takes for a big payoff.

How Many Licks Does it Take?

Not too long ago, some partners of mine in a business venture contacted a well-known, online referral portal that matches businesses in our industry with prospective customers. The sales representative, who conferred with us over the phone, answered questions and gave us the information we needed to gauge our steps…

“Dude, You’re Losin’ Me…” (Before & After, Part II)

Last week we got into the topic of the Value Proposition. It’s a topic I address quite a bit when teaching The Wedge, which is a targeted, value-based approach (ideal for both B2B sales professionals as well as job seekers) to getting your foot in the door at a business where you otherwise do not have a connection. Among the most crucial steps in this approach is developing your value proposition: What positive, measurable result can you create for someone else? That’s where before & after came in.

Before & After: The Essence of Value

If you are having trouble identifying your value proposition, then stop trying. Instead, think in two simple terms: “before” and “after.”

If You Can’t Place a Name to a Face…

We have all been there. We are attending a social event or in some other public place, and all of the sudden, we hear our name called out.

We turn around and see the person calling our attention. The face appears familiar, but we just can’t place a name. “Hey you!” we reply with a slightly exaggerated enthusiasm. “How is it going? It’s been a while!” we exclaim, hoping that that our ignorance will not show through.

But in that moment, it does. They know it. And you know it. You have forgotten them.

An Idea…and a Blank Page, Part I

It seems everyone wants to write a book. Most of these people all have two things in common: they have an idea, and a blank page. Where do you go from there?