Articles by Keith F. Luscher

What’s Your MacGuffin?

Everybody wants something. In fiction, this prize is known as a “MacGuffin.” But in business, it’s more about what your prospects and clients want.

Why Video Will Never Catch On

One of the things I enjoyed most about my earliest work as a creative director years ago (first as an associate, then a senior), was my immediate exposure and hands on experience in multiple forms of media. While my education and experience was a strong combination of graphic and written…

Not Everyone Online is Online.

Let’s say you attend a business function and meet Jane, a successful business owner. You can trade business cards with her, and go back to look up her online profile. You find it! Next to her name is her title, the company, and how many years she has been there. But there is nothing else; no photo, and a minimal description of the company. Oh yes, she has five connections. “How in the world did she become soooo successful?” you ask yourself. There MUST be an explanation!

Closing Sales is Not a One-Time Thing

During my time at Principal Financial Group, we were led through a sales training program called Integrity Selling—a highly-accepted, highly ethical and effective approach to selling. One of the takeaways I remember from the program is the notion that closing sales is NOT about a single close. Rather, sales is always a series of closes.

When Possible, Always Lead with Social Proof.

We all know that you only get one chance to make a first impression. When you are introducing your business or brand to those who are less familiar, one of the most important things you can do is to demonstrate your credibility and trustworthiness with social proof.

Mix It Up on the Follow Up!

The most common sales tool for follow-up persistence in reaching new prospects is the phone, which can get old. Here are some other ways to reach out and touch someone.

The Stress-Reducing Power of a List

Ask anyone who has done this…the exercise of simply making a list is the most productive activity you can do when you find yourself stressed or otherwise in an unproductive state.

Are You Growing Your Business or Just Running It?

“A big obstacle we often face to growing our business is actually running it.” This was a comment made to me quite a few years back by the CEO of a local capital management firm. It was quite an objective observation about the pitfalls of business leadership.

What’s a First Page Google Ranking Worth to Your Business?

For those businesses whose customer base are searching Google, achieving an organic ranking on the first page (usually in the top ten) must be a priority. But if your business is not found on the first page of their search results, chances are your prospects will never find you. Which begs the question: what is an organic first-page Google ranking worth to you?

Are You a Business Card Collector?

As an avid networker (although I do have my dry spells), I have had the tendency to “collect” business cards. As I was going through some office stuff for routine cleaning, the question occurred to me: “What the heck should I do with all these business cards?”