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What trend will disrupt your business in 2019?

What competitive trend will disrupt your insurance agency in 2019?

There are many opportunities and challenges for your insurance agency in the coming year. Agency leadership needs to take a more active role in deciding what business your agency pursues to be successful. Proactive agency leadership is a trend that will not go away!

What major trends will transform your insurance business in 2019?

Five Trends That Will Transform the Insurance Industry in 2019!

The insurance industry is on the edge of reinvention. Will it happen in 2019? What major trends will converge to make 2019 the year of digital transformation in the insurance industry? Can you leverage these trends to grow and reinvent your insurance business?

Can Warren Buffett help you coach your leaders better?

Can Warren Buffett Teach You About Coaching Leaders?

Warren Buffett is one of the greatest investors of all time. What you may not know is Warren Buffett uses coaching to help his many organizations’ executives become even more effective leaders.

How will super advisory firms transform the financial service landscape?

Can Super Advisory Firms Help Transform Financial Services?

What do larger super advisory firms bring to the financial services industry?  A super advisory firm is an investing organization with over 1 billion dollars of assets under management. These organizations are springing up very quickly in the financial services markets. Currently, there are over 250 of these super advisory…

What are the key challenges facing super advisory firms?

Are You Ready for the Next Generation of Super Advisory Firms?

I got a note from a client this morning sharing a special report on the future of advisory firms. The report shares several key trends that are creating the next generation of super advisory firms. My term, not the report’s. They define the term by having an organization with over…

How do advisors plan for an uncertain future?

Advisors, How do you plan for an uncertain financial future?

Financial planning and advisory services are being disrupted! Advisors face increasing global competition for investment dollars. Your clients want more for less! How can advisors successfully compete and grow in the future?

Can these SME experts help you achieve your growth goals?

Are You Ready to Lead Your Accelerating SME Business today?

Has your SME business helped you achieve your life and business goals? What do you need to build a thriving prosperous business in today’s fast changing business culture? Do you have the same joy and passion you had when you started building your organization?

How do you minimize risk in your SME technology adoption process?

Can Technology Help You Grow Your SME Business?

What’s the secret of a great SME business? How much would you invest to learn why certain entrepreneurs succeed in every venture they start? Do you believe great entrepreneurs are born or made? Last week I shared a new role I’m taking on as A Sage Global Business Expert.  Thank…