Leadership Development

Can Twyla Tharp improve your collaboration skills?

How Twyla Tharp Can Add Harmony to Your Collaboration!

When I think of Twyla Tharp I think of creativity in collaboration. When I was younger, I was given a book written by Twyla Tharp called The Creative Habit. It was an incredible resource that helped me better understand how creativity was a habit, and habits can be learned. I’ve…

What are the behaviors of strong personal leaders?

Five Behaviors of Strong Personal Leaders

Strong personal leadership is necessary for strong professional leadership. Personal leadership is who you are in your most authentic form. It’s the person who looks back at you from the mirror. I’ve worked with numerous leaders over the years and I found these five personal leadership behaviors to be consistent among…

What did mom teach you about being an entrepreneur?

What Did Mom Teach You about Being an Entrepreneur?

When you think about why you became an entrepreneur, who inspired you most? What did they say or do that keeps you moving forward, even when the odds are against you? What did your mom teach you about being an entrepreneur? For many of the best leaders I’ve met, they…

What kind of leader was Jesus Christ?

What Kind of Leader Do You Choose to Be?

How do you make a difference in the world today? It seems like we’re always being challenged to become better leaders. But at a time where we can all impact the world in our own ways, why do we strive to be more like everyone else we know? What kind…

Have you developed your personal leadership capabilities?

Why Strong Professional Leaders are Strong Personal Leaders First

“A man without decision of character can never be said to belong to himself . . . . He belongs to whatever can make captive of him.” ~ John Foster What is personal leadership? Simply put, it’s you being a strong leader of yourself. It’s you being in control of…

Can you embrace the power of no?

Can Entrepreneurs Embrace the Power of No?

I’ve discovered that most entrepreneurs that I work with have a big secret. Can you master your time by harnessing the power of no in your busy days?

Do you work for a fair weather leader?

How to Work with a Fair Weather Leader

How do you work with a fair weather leader? Why this question should have entrepreneurs take stock of the people leading their teams today!

Can Steve Jobs help make you more creative?

How Can Entrepreneurs Become More Creative?

How do you become more creative in your projects? How to create more innovative solutions to your most challenging tasks and responsibilities starting now!