Leadership Development

Do you know how you lead?

Leader, Know Yourself

How often have you heard inadequate leaders, when things go wrong, blame their staff, their customers, their competitors or the government, or a combination of those? But never seem to show any awareness of their own shortcomings? In an age where there is constant pressure on companies large and small…

Do your powerful questions spur your team’s creativity?

Leaders, How Do You Create More Powerful Questions?

I believe the most successful leaders I work with use powerful questions to help lead their teams. For entrepreneurs, it is critical to know how to get the best out of the people you work with. If you want to develop the people around you for their next level of…

Can better questions help organize your priorities?

Can Better Questions Can Make You a Stronger Leader?

How do you increase your influence over others? How do you build stronger relationships with the key people in your life? What’s the one tool that can help separate good leaders from the great? Great questions help you become a stronger leader today.

Can coaching help you build an extraordinary business?

Can Warren Buffett Teach You About Coaching Leaders?

Warren Buffett may be one of the greatest investors of all time. What you may not know is Warren Buffett uses coaching to help his many organizations’ executives become even more effective leaders. Over the years he’s become incredibly successful at coaching already great leaders to a higher level. I’ve worked with over 30 different…

We must become learning leaders

Can We Become Learning Leaders?

Things are changing very quickly in many industries. In the next several years, we will see major disruptions in every major industry.  Harnessing and exploiting change continues to be at the top of every CEO’s wish list into the far future. To take advantage of these opportunities, we must become…

Does your story connect with key stakeholders?

Entrepreneurs, What’s Your Business’s Story?

For many high growth business leaders, it’s critical to tell a great story to your clients and other stakeholders.  Why is a good story so important to your long term financial success? I have found that good leaders, like good storytellers, understand how stories can help them during all phases…

How can a leader handle a negative surprise?

How an Effective Leader Responds to a Negative Surprise

It was the beginning of a weekend back in 2013. Ford Motor Company’s then global head of social media Scott Monty was about to board a plane in Europe, bound for the US, when he spotted the Business Insider article with a headline asking was this the “worst Ford ad…

How do entrepreneurs and serving leaders celebrate freedom?

Why Entrepreneurs Should Celebrate Freedom Today.

This weekend we celebrate our independence on July Fourth. For many of the serving leaders I know, it’s a reminder of how important freedom is to entrepreneurs and serving leaders. Many men and women entrepreneurs have been serving others for a long time. They started their lives in the military…

How do strong personal leaders handle feedback?

Six Ways Strong Personal Leaders Handle Feedback

I’ve worked with numerous leaders over the years and one area that is consistently a challenge for most is that of receiving feedback. Have you had this challenge personally? Have you ever asked for feedback while already having in mind what the right answer should be? And then when you…

Is Your Problem a Crisis, or an Inconvenience?

Seven years ago, I was experiencing a truly difficult time in my life. I faced problems from every direction: physical, personal, financial and professional. As a result, I was drinking a lot, and of course driving as well. Indeed, when one adopts such a habit, it isn’t long before he gets caught by the police—at least the lucky ones do.

And I was one of the lucky ones.