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Can Cognitive Computing Provide Your Business an Advantage?

Can Cognitive Computing Provide Your Business an Edge?

How do you compete in a more complex world? What would it take to help you make better decisions faster? Could you get comfortable working with a thinking partner who is constantly learning and evolving? No, not me. I’m talking about cognitive computing!

How do champion connectors empower and engage others?

How Can Leaders Find Their Best Champion Connectors?

I’ve spent the last 25 years working with some of the most fascinating people on the planet. Almost all are champion connectors. So how do you find champion connectors? How can you empower and engage your network to change the world?

Can you help your data team deliver extraordinary results?

Can your data team cultivate their soft skills to deliver results?

Today we are talking about what skills you need to deliver results through your data team. I believe data science has limitless possibilities. This is the good and bad of data science. To succeed, you will need to develop and build stronger data teams.

How do you avoid these social selling sins today?

Are You Guilty of the Seven Sins of Social Selling?

What sins do people commit in social selling? Why do so few people know how to leverage their efforts to grow their businesses using social selling? I believe many people fail to see the potential because they commit these seven sins in their social selling efforts.

How do you build more successful partnerships?

How Entrepreneurs Can Make Their Partnerships Successful

Over 90% of Fortune 2000 companies have strategic partnerships. Only 50% of executives in these organizations feel that they got the results expected for the time and resources they invested in their partnerships. 

How do you find the right sales professionals?

Can You Find the Right Sales Professionals for Your Team?

How do you make sure you hire the best sales professionals? How can you make sure you hire the best person for your sales team? A bad hire can cost your business millions of dollars. This is not only lost potential revenue, but also lost opportunities that you won’t see…

How do you evaluate others sales strengths?

What strengths do you want in your sales leaders?

How do you hire successful sales professionals? Why do so many entrepreneurs fail to reach their sales goals? What should you do during the interview to find the right sales talent for your team? Why interviewing for strengths can help your business grow!

How are analytics going to change our lives and businesses?

How are analytics going to change our lives and businesses?

I’ve been on the road for the past several months exploring many organizations that are creating the next generation of analytics for clients. These markets are as diverse as education and healthcare to financial services, manufacturing, and supply chain applications.

How do you set priorities when attending your conference?

How to get the best ROI from your conference investment!

How do you get the best results from attending your professional conference? What do you need to do to get the best ROI on your time investment? Here are two strategies to help you grow and prosper by attending a key conference this coming year!