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Newsletter Marketing – Frequency Trumps Everything

If you’ve been reading Jim Palmer’s blog at for a while, you’ve heard me say that how often you send a customer newsletter is the most important thing. It is more important than its style, color, size, name, or anything else you can think to ask me about. Some companies will send…

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Are Your Marketing Basics Adding Value To Your Business?

What exactly are the marketing basics when it comes to direct response marketing? Clearly Defined Goals for Your Marketing Campaign Concise Call to Action Targeted & Segmented List With A Good Message to Market Match A Compelling Offer & Guarantee A Unique Delivery Device and Compelling Headline to Get Noticed…

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Market Leadership Journal Begins Featuring Diane Conklin and Gail Saseen

I first heard Diane Conklin speak at a national conference and knew I had to introduce her and her business partner, Gail Saseen, to my readers. Their expertise in marketing and business strategy fits in well with what you’ve told me you wanted to see on this blog. We’ll be…