How tech companies accelerate growth with Email marketing!

Can email marketing connect you to your best clients?Can email marketing connect you to your best clients?

Can email marketing help you take your software business or professional service businesses to the next level? I’ve been attending a number of virtual events for clients over past eight weeks. My clients want to know how to increase their results from participating in these events.

I have my own ideas on what might be happening at these events from what I heard from clients and attendees. My clients don’t pay me for my opinions, they pay me for results. This is a shift that has become even more dramatic in 2020 as I pivoted my practice back into developing go to marketing programs for smaller, more agile, early stage organizations. Breakthrough email marketing campaigns are a part of these new efforts. 

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The more events (over 7 and increasing every week) I attended, the more I saw how email marketing helps clients get better ROI on their marketing investments. You might be pleasantly surprised how easily email marketing can help you increase both sales and profits. You just may need an email Jedi master on your team.

Marketing Experience and Insights

My extensive B2C and B2B marketing experience gives you, my clients and readers, two things. First, a perspective that allows us to better understand why things could be happening. Second, an awareness of the blind spots that could lead to bad decisions being made based on what used to work or what needs to change.

It’s critical to understand the root causes of many of the changes we see occurring in our markets. Its not just about the pandemic.  

This is why email marketing should be a workhorse for many of my technology clients. My plan is to share how effective email marketing is today. Then, next week, share new ways to apply it to your software and consulting businesses in today’s current business environment.

Email Marketing in Global Markets

There are currently 3.9 billion active email accounts today. By comparison there are 3.5 billion social media users worldwide. To see the research and more information, you can read Email Usage Statistics in 2019 here

In 2019, the average American worker gets over 126 email messages per day. This number is increasing at the pace of 5% per year.

According to IBM, up to 60% of all email is opened on mobile devices. This number can increase or decrease according to the industry you work in. The mobile device adoption gap between boomers and millenials is shrinking at accelerated rates during this current pandemic.

Email Marketing Provides 24 Hour Access 

43% of employees check their emails every several hours when they are outside work. That is an amazing number. Almost half the people who use email for work check their work emails every several hours.  Many times, several times per day even when they aren’t at work. I assume these numbers would increase even more with the pandemic.

More than 50% of U.S. respondents check their email accounts more than 10 times per day. By far, it’s their preferred way to receive messages from their favorite brands. 59% of respondents said email has a large role in their purchasing decisions. 99% of consumers check their email every day.   

68% of millenials say promotional email has influenced their purchasing decisions. You can find more information at 25 Email Marketing Statistics You Need to Know. 

Personalization Increases Results 

74% of marketers say targeted personalization increases customer engagement. Email marketing combined with new technologies is going to transform your clients relationship with you. Something as simple as personalizing the subject line increases opening rates by 26%.

Now, let’s close the loop on email marketing. All these trends, along with having more workers working remotely, tells me you need to consider how you leverage email marketing in your go to market strategies.

When you think about how prevalent email marketing is in our lives you can see why with a little hard work and testing you can take your business to the next level.

Next week we apply it to the software, professional, and technology markets. I can’t wait to share why email marketing can not only increase revenue but help increase you customer engagement and user experience.

See you next week.

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