What are the big trends in the coming year?

What Five Trends Will Impact Your Life and Business in 2014?

The year 2013 is now behind us.  Time to pull out the crystal ball, dust it off and discover what trends will impact your life and business in 2014. I don’t know if I’m lucky or good, but, of the things I predict, I average over 95% of them happen…

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How Does the Millennial Generation View the Working World?

In my work with clients and the emails I get from you, the reader, I’m frequently asked the same questions.  One of the most common questions I get is, “What’s going on with this new generation of workers, the Millennials?”  Employers, older co-workers just don’t understand how younger people tick. 

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How Do You Nudge Your Potential Clients to Action?

Last week we talked about warming up your cold calls. This week, we share how you might nudge people to take the first steps into becoming your client. For most of the services I sell my competition doesn’t offer similar services but I still have to get the potential client…

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How to Find Your Best Clients Faster!

For many of the entrepreneurs I know the biggest challenge they face is getting the best potential clients on the phone to even start developing a relationship with them. It’s not that the client doesn’t know who you are, but they don’t have time to talk with you today.  The…

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How Does Your Marketing Impact the Bottom Line?

Last week, we talked about why you should make sure you have strong financial systems to make your business easier to manage.  I received several great notes asking me what marketing metrics impact the value and growth of your business.  I thought I’d share the five metrics I’d look for…

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Can Better Financial Systems Make You a Stronger Marketer?

Last week we talked about several of the key attributes a business buyer looks at when deciding the value of your business. Every business is different, but if you have these initial value centers in place, we have the foundation of a valuable business. This week, we discuss several key…

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How Do You Raise the Value of Your Business?

How do you raise the value of your business? How do you create more value when you plan to sell your business?  Whenever I meet with business owners, I’m always asked two questions; How much is my business worth and how do I raise the value of my business?

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How Can You Build Stronger Relationships with Your Best Clients?

How do you build stronger relationships with your future clients? How can you understand your client’s view of the world so that you can create a lasting relationship? For the last thirty years, I’ve been interviewing men and women from many of the world’s most entrepreneurial organizations. This has provided…