The 13 trends to ensure competitive advantage for any company – Part 2

What technology trends are critical to create competitive advantage in your markets?What technology trends are critical to create competitive advantage in your markets?

Last week, we looked at the first seven trends that ensure your longevity as a company.  Now let’s look at other trends that specific businesses need to investigate.

Trend 8 – Robotics 

Industrial robots have been around for a while now. Robots for everyday use are starting to emerge. Companies involved in home health care should consider robotic use to ensure an elderly person is looked after properly and messages are sent in case of an emergency, for example.

Smart cities and smart applications using robots are able to offer solutions with high ROI.

The combination of robotics and AI are changing the business landscape very quickly. Depending on your business these trends can create new opportunities with your customers and markets.

Trend 9 – Drones 

Some businesses could use drones for their operations. As with the robotics example, for any surveillance activity, drones can help. The increase use of drones see some new activities being brought to market (like package delivering, crowd control, people surveillance…).

Trend 10 – 3D Printing 

3D printing is also an increasing trend and continues in the coming months as the technology is becoming more affordable and less complicated. This is one of the biggest trends impacting manufacturing and distribution organizations globally. Tripp will talk about this trend in future blogs.

Trend 11 – 5G Technology 

If you are in the mobility business, 5G technology and data networks are one of your priorities. These trends are going to impact almost all of your clients. With high bandwidth, low latency, and higher security, companies are able to publish more applications to ensure mobility becomes smoother, smarter, and more efficient.

This is also the case with autonomous vehicles that some countries like China or the US have started to deploy.

Do you want to know how 5G will change our lives and business? You can find additional insights on how 5G will change our lives and business here.

Trend 12 – Personalized and Predictive Medicine 

In the healthcare industry, personalized and predictive medicine is key.  Technology is helping the healthcare industry to transform fast and efficiently. Wearable devices such as smartwatches, intelligent patches, and sensors give us the ability to increasingly predict and treat health issues in people even before they experience any symptoms.

Moreover, countries where the lack of surgeons prevent patients from getting surgery see surgeons from anywhere in the world perform surgeries remotely with the help of robots. With more personalized and effective treatments, we ensure better outcomes for individual patients.

Trend 13 – Computer Vision

Finally, computer vision is being used by many more applications today. Production lines employ computer vision cameras to watch for defective products (because the quality of the cameras is so good it can easily detect flaws) or equipment failures.

Security cameras are able to alert to anything out of the ordinary (emergency, crowd control, security watch…) and it doesn’t require 24/7 monitoring, thanks to AI algorithms managing the processes.

I realize and understand that with this incredibly challenging world, digital transformation is not a top priority. However, I believe this is a mistake.

All programs that I manage ensure this is done in an intelligent way. Companies should not invest large amounts of money or resources in new programs. They need to do it gradually.

KPIs Drive Emerging Trends

At all times, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are put in place to ensure that if the project does not deliver what is expected, there is always time to pivot, improve, and optimize. The priority needs to be with an optimization of what is currently available.

This is why I always start my projects with an audit of what exists, moving to what is expected to match the company’s vision, and finally, a roadmap of what needs to be invested in terms of financial, human, and digital resources.

I help you with your overall vision and ensure you deliver on time and within budget. My role as a technology visionary and digital transformation expert is to ensure you build a solid company for the foreseeable future.

This means that financially, and in terms of technology, your company will be performant in the long term, and have loyal employees who have embarked and engaged on your transformation project.

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