The Anticipatory Organization

How are you preparing your next generation of leadership today?

Are you preparing your next generation of leadership today?

The 2018 Global Leadership Forecast by DDI found that 65% of CEOs believe their top challenge is developing the next generation of leadership for their organization.  And 60% believe their organizations are failing to attract and retain top talent. How are you preparing the next generation of leadership?

How do you leverage the power of the Both/And Principle today?

The Transformational Power of the Both/And Principle!

You have older technologies that are working well for you today. You discover there is a new capability that could disrupt and transform your markets very quickly. What do you do? This is a great time to employ the Both/And principle in your business!

Should your CEO be driving your innovation efforts?

Is Your CEO Driving Your Innovation Efforts?

How does innovation grow in your organization? Who is responsible for creating a business that not only is a market leader, but one that will lead in the years to come. How can leaders leverage their teams for greatest impact? Should your CEO driving your innovation efforts?