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How Marketing Got Its Groove Back

How do you connect with your best stakeholders?  I recently attended an IEG Conference on sponsorships.  Wendy Clark , Senior Vice President of Integrated Marketing  for Coca-Cola, spoke about the primacy of networked consumers and the power of partnerships to reach them.  Her keynote blew me away.  I wanted to…

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Is Your Organization Sponsorship Ready?

I’ve spent the past several months working with several clients on helping them develop a sponsorship strategy to take their organizations to the next level.  The interesting thing for me is that I wish I could say all my work has been a great success and all of the organizations…

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How to Build Better Sponsorships

I’ve spent the last several weeks working with several new clients on sponsorships and partnerships. In this role, I’m responsible for helping my clients better understand the value they bring to their potential sponsors. After several interesting conversations with both the nonprofits and their partners I discovered that most of…