Seven Figure Partnerships

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Are Your Partnerships Failing?

The year 2012 is slipping by.  Before it goes much further it’s time to do a recap to see how we did on developing new partnerships. I’ve spent the past 6 months working with a number of leading nonprofits across the Midwest helping them on their special projects. What I…

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Is Your Organization Sponsorship Ready?

I’ve spent the past several months working with several clients on helping them develop a sponsorship strategy to take their organizations to the next level.  The interesting thing for me is that I wish I could say all my work has been a great success and all of the organizations…

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How to Get Better Results From Partnerships

Why do partner programs fail to meet your expectations? I spend over half my time working with clients to help evaluate their partnership and joint venture programs. Most clients I talk to agree, 20% of their partners create 80% of their sales and marketing activities. So how do you find…