Richard Branson

Can Richard Branson help you use stories better?

How Richard Branson Uses Stories to Influence Others Today

Many of the entrepreneurs I know are committed to having a major impact on our world.  Many are highly respected for their ability to move others to take action. One of my personal favorites is Richard Branson. He has used his social influence to impact many of the world’s largest…

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Be Bold

So why do few leaders stand out from the crowd? If you want your organization to stand out BE BOLD.  We’ve talked about becoming a market leader, so what. What you really need to do is become the most fascinating person in your market.  So how do you do this? …

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Screw Business as Usual

I recently got a copy of the book Screw Business as Usual by Sir Richard Branson for my birthday.  It had an insidious effect on me.  Have you ever read one of those books that made you stop and question everything you’ve been doing?  Made you think, “You know, he’s…