Turn a Client Complaint into Positive Word-of-Mouth, Part 1

No matter how hard you work to provide the best service for your clients, there will always be times when problems arise. If a client calls you and is obviously distraught or even angry, how you respond at that very moment will impact your ability to resolve the situation—and turn a negative complaint into a positive outcome.

Are You Making an Indecent Proposal?

You see, too often, in both the B2B as well as B2C environments, sales professionals tend to want to begin the relationship by proposing marriage. In other words, they go in and after a short introduction, they propose a long-term, big ticket service, purchase or transaction of some kind that requires a level of trust that just hasn’t been fostered yet.

“I Need More Clients Like THAT Guy!”

I recall a conversation with a client who owns a bookkeeping service company. While their client base is consistent in terms of size (small businesses, of course), they are still fairly diverse in the kinds of individuals and businesses they serve. That said, the owner was describing one client whom…

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Your Cost; Their Value: Which is Greater?

When I suggested to a client that he GIVE away some of his proprietary content to prospects, he suggested a branded pen. Which would the prospect VALUE more?

Who decides your value?

Who Decides Your Value?

One point which I don’t think I have made often enough here is the actual definition of “prospecting.” Prospecting is the continuous activity of exploring for and qualifying new people to meet and talk with concerning your business. This definition applies whether you are seeking new customers or a new employer. Everybody prospects.

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Everybody Prospects!

Drawing on more than 40 years of experience, Jim McCarty shares sales techniques known as Showbiz Selling. It begins with a mantra: Everybody Prospects.

“Tell Me a Story…”

People love stories because they can relate to them. A concise, results-focused story will enable you to emotionally connect with your prospect, and define your value proposition at the same time.

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To Get Your Foot in the Door, Use a Wedge.

In B2B selling, what do you do when you want to pitch to a company, but you don’t have that connection? We say: To get your foot in the door, use a Wedge. Here are the eight steps in how to do it.

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Why Aren’t You Getting Your Foot in the Door?

When it comes to B2B prospecting, we all know that ideally, the best way to connect with new, qualified people with whom we can discuss our business is through a common relationship—a personal introduction. Yet we all will face situations when we would like to get into the doors of an organization, and yet, we feel as though we are hitting a brick wall.