Turn a Client Complaint into Positive Word-of-Mouth, Part 2

How do you turn a client complaint into a positive, word-of-mouth prospecting opportunity? It is amazing at how simple it can be (but not always easy…!) —to turn a negative into a positive. It is all in how you choose to respond.

LinkedIn: Who DON’T You Know?

Ultimately, it’s ALL about prospecting. If people didn’t need to prospect, business networking web apps such as LinkedIn wouldn’t be as popular and useful as they have become.

“I Need More Clients Like THAT Guy!”

I recall a conversation with a client who owns a bookkeeping service company. While their client base is consistent in terms of size (small businesses, of course), they are still fairly diverse in the kinds of individuals and businesses they serve. That said, the owner was describing one client whom…

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Your Cost; Their Value: Which is Greater?

When I suggested to a client that he GIVE away some of his proprietary content to prospects, he suggested a branded pen. Which would the prospect VALUE more?

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How Do You Build an Extraordinary Sales Career Today?

How do you take your business to the next level? What skills are critical for your business to become a market leader in today’s changing market? As a regular reader of Market Leadership Journal, you know how important we think it is for you to be able to prospect and…

The Three Ps of LinkedIn’s Power

I recently asked a LinkedIn expert’s opinion on the top three mistakes people make on LinkedIn. His response: “It comes down to three Ps: Profile, People and Participation.”

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Prospecting Is Like Exercise

The more I learn about the challenges people face when it comes to prospecting, the more I am convinced that it is so much like exercise. Consider these similarities.

Who decides your value?

Who Decides Your Value?

One point which I don’t think I have made often enough here is the actual definition of “prospecting.” Prospecting is the continuous activity of exploring for and qualifying new people to meet and talk with concerning your business. This definition applies whether you are seeking new customers or a new employer. Everybody prospects.

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Everybody Prospects!

Drawing on more than 40 years of experience, Jim McCarty shares sales techniques known as Showbiz Selling. It begins with a mantra: Everybody Prospects.

Overcoming Fear of Rejection, Part 1

No one likes to be rejected in any of life’s situations. We all have fear of rejection, and we go to great lengths to protect our fragile egos.