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To Thine Own Self Be True

Perhaps there is no more fundamental ethical value pertinent to trustworthiness than honesty.

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How Entrepreneurs can Build a Powerful Referral Network

Last week, we talked about getting more referrals out of your calls. I suggested that the reason many people fail to get referrals is they don’t have a trust based relationship with the people to whom they are talking.  I also suggested that we may be too pushy to get…

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Do You Have Staying Power?

Author Keith F. Luscher Some of us are in professions and industries whose ranks are actually thinning, as a direct or indirect result of this recession. Two very obvious examples are financial services and real estate. If you work in either of these areas, or are in another that is…

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The Power of Questions

What are you doing right now? Are you happy doing it? Is this what you wanted to do today? Had you thought about what you wanted to accomplish today? Are these questions you’ve asked yourself? Are you aware of the questions you ask yourself through the course of the day,…

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Why Top Performers Use Coaches – And You Need One Now

We hear about coaches and consultants everyday. Pick up a magazine, watch a talk show, most everyone has a coach it seems. Although people rave about having a coach, there are still others that think it’s a waste of time, or not quite for them. Dan Kennedy has coached hundreds…

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To Increase Word-of-Mouth…Give’em Something to Talk About!

In a recent issue Prospecting Weekly, I dared you to become “legendary.” To be legendary is to become the “stuff that tales are made from.” This is a theme that warrants further attention. In my book Prospect & Flourish, I devote an entire chapter to the subject of outstanding service….

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The Nature of Networking

If you were growing your own food, would you wait until you were hungry to plant your seeds? Think about the question above. Certainly, you would not wait! Why? Because of simple laws of nature. When you plant seeds, you have to nurture them, and wait for them to grow….

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These Days, a Common Connection Just isn’t Enough.

In another thought provoking article by guest blogger Keith Luscher, he shares several secrets on how to create better connections with the people you meet during your networking. He shares a process that can help you open the door to people who you don’t know yet but should. by Keith F. Luscher Author,…