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Are Your Partnerships Failing?

The year 2012 is slipping by.  Before it goes much further it’s time to do a recap to see how we did on developing new partnerships. I’ve spent the past 6 months working with a number of leading nonprofits across the Midwest helping them on their special projects. What I…

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How Marketing Got Its Groove Back

How do you connect with your best stakeholders?  I recently attended an IEG Conference on sponsorships.  Wendy Clark , Senior Vice President of Integrated Marketing  for Coca-Cola, spoke about the primacy of networked consumers and the power of partnerships to reach them.  Her keynote blew me away.  I wanted to…

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How Demanding is Your Customer?

How has your market changed in the last two years? I’ve spent the last several weeks meeting with several of my best clients, discussing with them how their markets have changed. It’s interesting because these clients are large nonprofit organizations that are leaders in their fields.  They represent causes that…