Can you survive the drip?

Surviving the Drip

A close friend once told me that the biggest challenge to beginning any business or career endeavor is most often “surviving the drip.” It’s having just what you need to get by for TODAY, so you can make it to the next.

Listening: Life’s Most Important Skill

Listening is the most important skill you can ever develop. Listening is key to mutual understanding, which forms the basis for successful relationships.

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Are You a Hunter or a Farmer?

“If executive recruiting and staffing is a barometer of how our economy is progressing, I am pleased to say that I feel optimistic about the days ahead,” says Chris Gardner, principal of Artemis Consultants. Chris leads an executive search firm that places talent in the areas of data, marketing and…

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How to Explore Great Business Opportunities

Have you made the huge mistake? Have you discounted ideas, suggestions, opportunities because they didn’t seem applicable to your business? Have you considered the real cost of not listening to other opinions, especially ideas that come from outside of your own industry. This article, the second of two parts, tells…

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What every CEO needs to know about FlashMobs and Leadership

Leveraging the Power of 20,000 people to Impact Your Bottom Line What, if suddenly, all 20,000 of your partners decided at the same time to deliver a sale to you? Or they decided to tweet about you. Or they decided to write a post about your excellent customer service. Or…

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Are You More Or Less Effective Than You Were A Year Ago?

You Have More Technology. You ‘Process’ More Work. But Are You More Effective? By Dan S. Kennedy There is a ‘secret key’ to peak personal productivity and performance that entrepreneurs are unwittingly depriving themselves of, to a worsening extent from one year to the next. This subtle form of self-sabotage…