How to manage change process

How can a leader handle a negative surprise?

How an Effective Leader Responds to a Negative Surprise

It was the beginning of a weekend back in 2013. Ford Motor Company’s then global head of social media Scott Monty was about to board a plane in Europe, bound for the US, when he spotted the Business Insider article with a headline asking was this the “worst Ford ad…

Can readiness make or break your change project?

Building a Foundation for Your Change

To make significant change in your organization succeed, you must first put in a strong foundation. How to create the best foundation for successful change!

Have you identified your key constituents?

Stakeholder = Constituent

Why you might want consider calling your stakeholders constituents. Here’s how to start working with your key constituents to create successful change now.

You Are a Change Leader

You Are a Change Leader

Change leaders are a unique breed. To an extent they are born, not made. There are certain skills necessary to be successful and they can be developed!