Happy Easter

How did Jesus Christ serve one person at a time?

How Jesus shared his serving leadership with the world!

When you think about the effect that Jesus Christ had on the world, it’s amazing. Thirty percent of the world’s population today is Christian. That’s 2.2 billion people. I’m often asked why he was so successful in sharing his beliefs. When you consider his teaching was done in the space…

How do you choose the serving leaders you follow?

What’s the most important qualities for serving leaders today?

Fifty weeks a year we focus on how to be better leaders. This week, I’d like to ask you a question that may change the way you live your life forever. The question is, how do you choose the leaders you follow?  What’s the most important qualities for today’s serving leaders?

What kind of leader was Jesus Christ?

What Kind of Leader Do You Choose to Be?

How do you make a difference in the world today? It seems like we’re always being challenged to become better leaders. But at a time where we can all impact the world in our own ways, why do we strive to be more like everyone else we know? What kind…

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Do You Say Yes to Life?

How do you say yes to life? What gives you the courage to do the things you do with you life and gifts? Where does your passion align with a greater purpose?  It’s Easter Week and I’d like to share why I chose to allow another person help me choose my life purpose. It’s a…