Future of work

Is the future of healthcare digital?

How do you learn more about the future of healthcare technologies?

What have we learned about healthcare from this current pandemic? Many things have changed over the past 18 months. Only two things are for certain in life; death and taxes! How these two converge is transforming the future of healthcare forever. The pandemic has changed our world forever. I know…

Elaina Farnsworth shares the development of the future workforce

What is the Future for Your Technology Workforce?

How do we reach our potential in connected and autonomous vehicles? What needs to happen to make these vehicles a reality? I believe our workforce is the future of technology. What changes to the workforce must occur? Recently, I had a chance to attend The Automotive Festival in Michigan.  This…

How is 5G going to connect and transform our lives and business?

What will 5G do for businesses and our lives? What you need to know!

In many countries today, the 5G launch is getting ready or has already started. Many businesses and some consumers in the US and China have started to benefit from faster device connections, low latency, increased security, ability to connect unlimited number of devices, big increases in data handling, and better…