How to Get Ahead of Your Blog Today!

How do you find time to write your blog?How do you find time to write your blog?

About eight months ago I was having dinner with a friend. She’s a self-employed marketer who had recently hired her first employee. She was behind on her blog, but believed the addition of an employee would give her more time to write.

She asked for my advice. I inquired as to her writing plan. She didn’t have one other than carving out a couple of hours here and there to write. I asked her how her plan was working and she admitted she often sat in front of the keyboard and wondered what to write.

She’s not alone, is she? I’ve heard the same from national firms, social media clubs, and private businesses that I’ve helped. I know the trauma of staring at a blank keyboard all too well. You see, it’s the same mistake I made five years ago. Here’s what I’ve learned.

You Can’t Do it All at Once

Like my friend learned, if your only plan is to block out time and write, it may be harder than you think. Like many complicated tasks, it might be more productive to break blogging into segments. I’ll explain.

For example, writing uses the creative side of your brain; editing uses the logical. Attempting to write and edit at the same time creates a disconnect. Try this the next time you write. Turn off spell check while you write. You’ll find the creative juices flow freer because you don’t keep turning them off by switching tasks and interrupting the process.

Break it Down

If you’ve tried sitting down to write with no plan, how’s that worked for you? Make a plan. Here’s how to start your blog today!

  1. Identify topics and add then to an editorial calendar
  2. Under each topic list three or four ideas
  3. Pick an idea to write about and do a little research
  4. Write the post, do not edit as you go
  5. Let the post sit 24 hours
  6. Edit
  7. Post it in WordPress
  8. Find an image
  9. Proofread one last time
  10. Publish
  11. Double check the post on your website

That’s the basics of a plan. It’s a start. And if you want to get ahead and stay consistent, have at least four posts in WordPress before you publish the first. If you publish one new post per week, you’ll be four weeks ahead.

I’ve thrown a lot at you fast and I know I’ve over-simplified it, but if you’re behind on your blog and you want to get ahead, it’s a start. If you want more, go to my book, How to Stay Ahead of Your Business Blog Forever, It’s only ten bucks, but if you can’t afford it contact me,, I’ll send you a free copy because I’ve been where you are—behind on my blog with no light at the end of the tunnel. This book, which is based on all the mistakes I’ve made, is a way to the light, and I’m more than a little passionate about it. Let me know if I can help.

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